Monday, October 5, 2015

Stop with the Faux Shock and Shame. Just stop. #SweetHomeAlabama #VoterSuppression

JD Crowe toons
Alabama continues to turn the hoses on blacks and the poor

EYE don't know which is worse, the Faux Shock and Shame, or the Faux Shock and Awe.

Give me a break.  It's not like you didn't know this was going to be the end result.

What did you expect was going to happen when you enabled republicans to dominate the government?

What did you expect when the republican majority Supreme Court over turned a key section of the Voting Rights Act?

What did you expect when you were dividing, bashing, and destroying the Alabama Democratic Party and it's leadership?

What did you expect when some of you didn't vote in the mid term election, or if you did, vote for republicans?

What did you expect when those of us who tried to tell some of ya'll this was going to happen  were told to STFU and STFD?

Now is not the time for Faux Outrage.   Now is the time for Action.

Action We Need to Take ASAP.

Talk is cheap.

EYE Report.  You Decide.


Brian said...

If they were doing this to disenfranchise black voters, they are doing a piss poor job at it. When all the populations of the counties of all 31 PART-TIME offices that are being closed are added up, the affected population looks remarkably like the population of the state as a whole.

The facts are that 31 PART-TIME DMV offices are being closed. This will only affect drivers that need to get a first-time state driver's license (when a driver's test is needed).

Voter ID's are available from every county's Board of Registrars office for free.

Redeye said...

Why should registered voters have to go any place to get a Voter ID card in the first place?