Friday, October 23, 2015

Edited~ EYE guess it depends on what the definition of an " asset" IS

True to his promise, former Alabama Congress Critter Artur Davis has taken his case to the republican controlled courts in his quest to become a democrat again.  The conventional wisdom claims he is arrogant and didn't grovel enough , which explains why he is being treated differently from other party switchers.  

Let's go inside the  Artur Davis  lawsuit. Emphasis mine
The suit states Davis "declared his willingness to advocate for principles and views associated with the Democratic Party, and to offer material support for Democratic candidates."
Davis said the party didn't grant waiver because "he failed to demonstrate that he would be an asset to the Democratic Party."
Davis says the Democratic Party doesn't define what "asset" is, and it shouldn't be ground for denying his admittance.
The party "unconstitutionally violated Davis' due process rights because he has been denied a Radney Rule exemption or waiver where other, similarly-situated candidates have been granted Radney Rule exemptions," the lawsuit states.
According to an asset is defined as a useful, thing, person, or quality.  What is the Alabama Democratic Party's definition?  If it's the same as, are they saying Davis failed to prove he was a useful, thing, person, or quality?  If so, what makes him any less of a useful thing, person, or quality than Parker Griffin?  

As far as the arrogant and begging forgiveness charges, according to Parker Griffin he didn't have to jump through the loops Artur Davis is being required to jump through, he just sneaked, I mean, walked right on in. Emphasis mine.
Griffith said that while he wasn't at home with the national Democratic Party or with tea party Republicans, he figured he had been at home with Alabama Democrats. He contacted state Democratic Party Vice Chairman Joe Reed about returning. After a letter and some meetings, the party's executive committee let him return, but not by a unanimous vote.
At the time, Reed was trying to help the state Democratic Party keep its Montgomery headquarters open while facing more than $500,000 in debt.
"A Democrat said to me, 'Did you have to write him a $600,000 check to get the party out of debt?' I said, 'No, it never came up,'" Griffith said.
EYE guess biting the hand that feeds you is an asset
Griffith, 72, said he would be willing to serve as an interim party chairman to try to unite Democrats, but he has no interest in a long-term leadership position.
In his view, new leadership must craft an image for the Alabama Democratic Party that appeals to the white, blue-collar males who have switched to the GOP. For him, that means getting away from the national party's support of abortion, gun control and gay marriage.
"We've got to separate ourselves from the far left in Washington, D.C.," he said.
Reed said he supports Worley, and Griffith need not anticipate a call to lead the party.
"No one is going to turn the party over to him, no sir," Reed said.
There are some in the ADP who refuse to see that Artur Davis is being punished more harshly than other party switchers.  Again, other than the obvious there is not a dimes worth of difference between Artur Davis and Parker Griffin.  Allow me to refresh the memory of those who are trying to rewrite history with a stroll down Memory Lane.
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EYE think EYE have figured out what is wrong with the Alabama Democratic Party...they are really Dixiecrats.  They had no problem with Artur Davis when he pandered to the right at the expense of the traditional democratic base when he was running for Governor, but now it's a problem.  It's also why he will probably win in court. If the ADP were smart, and EYE am not saying they are, they would let him back in and let the voters decide his fate.  Again.  
All told, Davis is requesting the court uphold his assertions that the term "asset" is unconstitutionally vague and his denial was an unfair double standard.
It is what it is.  It just is

Assets in black and white:  The man who should have been at the top of the democratic ticket but wasn't speaks truth to power at the Madison County Democratic  Party fundraiser last week, and GOP Congress Critter Martha Roby makes Alabama Proud.


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