Monday, October 26, 2015

Psst Joe Reed, Nancy Worley, and the SDEC...This open letter is for Y-O-U


Dear Above All,
It's me, RedEye, as you know, EYE am a big supporter of you and your leadership, that's why it really pains me to write this letter.  My Daddy used to tell my siblings and me he would support us 100% if were done wrong, but he wouldn't support us if we were doing wrong.  EYE hate to tell you this, but you are doing Artur Davis wrong.  You can't allow the other traitors/infiltrators  back into the party, then stand in the party door when it comes to him.  You just can't.  

Let Artur Davis slink back in too, but let this be a lesson learned....once they leave don't let them back in.  None of them.  Apply the Radney Rule equally.    As a matter of fact, you might want to re-examine this "big tent" meme too. Stop letting any and everybody under the tent.  In case you haven't noticed the right side of the fence is fighting against the left side of the tent, making the whole damn tent fall down.

I'm glad you aren't falling for the diversity scheme, I mean, meme, but you have to be more careful about some of these democrats whose main purpose is to prevent democrats from living up to their agenda.  Am I talking about a purity test?  No.  I'm talking about a loyalty test.  You are either for the democratic agenda, all of it, or you are against the democratic agenda.  It's that simple.

If we could get the pseudo democrats out of the party we would be OK.  It's time to let the democratic wing of the democratic party take charge.  When all the fingers on the hand work together it forms a mighty fist.

Your friend,

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