Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Other than the obvious, what is the difference between Artur Davis and Parker Griffin?

Griffith/Boehner Protest Liberals
H/T Left in Alabama: Parker Griffin sneaks into his own fundraiser
So, some (not to be confused with all) democrats (and EYE use that term loosely) are bragging they told former Alabama Congress Critter Artur Davis to drop dead by selectively enforcing the Radney Rule on the grounds he was not sincere.  

Again, EYE am not defending Artur Davis the person.  EYE am merely pointing out the hypocrisy/double standard.  There are some who say Davis is demanding to be reinstated in the party, but EYE argue he is demanding to be treated fairly/equally.  The same adjectives used to describe Artur Davis are the same adjectives used to describe Parker Griffin and the other defectors.
Davis says that if the Democrats can forgive Griffith, they should be able to forgive him.
In fact, Davis says that he can't find an instance in the last decade when a party-switcher wasn't allowed back into the Democratic ranks. It's only basic fairness that they allow him back in, too, he says.
"They don't have to support me in this race," he says. In fact, they can work very hard for other candidates."
But one thing is clear, there has been bad blood between Davis and Democratic Party boss Joe Reed. Reed has opposed Davis in almost every move in his career, and there's no reason to believe Reed will change his attitude this time.
If that happens, Davis could take the party to court, where Reed and others could be forced to testify about why they let Griffith and others back in. And that is why everyone should be paying attention. If Davis has to kick in the door, there's no telling what the voting public might see revealed on the other side.
EYE hate to say it, but Dr. Joe Reed just handed his democratic detractors  a loaded gun.  

It's not just time for new leadership, because that would imply that there was some at the state level.
But, it's certainly time for Nancy Worley to go immediately and she should take the minority caucus chair Joe Reed with her.
Like many other Alabama Democrats, I have been loath to criticize fellow party members particularly as the party struggles in a deeply red state, but things have simply gone too far for way too long. Worley and Reed have spent all their time fighting over which members of their entourage get the best chairs on the deck of the Titanic.
They have done nothing to craft a clear and concise message about what Alabama Democrats stand for and have systematically alienated scores of traditional, base constituency groups.
During meetings, they have stifled debate and manipulated proceedings to ensure that only people of their choosing have a seat on the state executive committee.
 The State Executive Committee has the obligation to apply the rules equally.  They just do.  Let Artur Davis back in. Let him run on the democratic ticket.  The voters will decide his fate. Ask Parker Griffin.

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