Saturday, October 17, 2015

Update~ "Want to see racism at work? Meet the Alabama Democratic Party."

Davis spoke at CPAC in 2013. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Davis spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2013. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  EYE hate being put in the position of having to defend Artur Davis. 
The Executive Board of the State Democratic Executive Committee on Friday denied former U.S. Congressman Artur Davis' request to move back to the party, the Montgomery Advertiser reported.
Davis issued this statement to"In anticipation of an adverse decision, I had already retained legal counsel. They will be filing a motion for a hearing in Circuit Court early next week and given that the timetable for certifying candidates is a few weeks away, we expect a prompt hearing. I will be asking the court to find that the party has applied one standard to my application and a different one to every other individual who has sought reinstatement. The party, under (Joe) Reed's directions, chose to violate its own commitment to fair and equal treatment, and that is a choice I have to fight."
EYE  really hate to say this....b-but he is right (no pun intended).  If the Alabama Democratic Party can forgive Parker Griffin they can forgive Artur Davis, because there is this little thingy the lawyers on TeeVee call precedent.
The Radney Rule was implemented to prevent Republicans from easily switching parties. It states that a candidate can’t have supported an opposing party in the past four years.However, Davis had never seen the board not approve a Republican so long as they came before the board for a hearing.“The board has to consider its history,” Davis said. “You have never denied any other candidate under this rule. That is a very powerful precedent.”A former lawyer, his argument was based on precedent. Namely, Parker Griffith, Greg Griffin and William Shashy among numerous others.
Clearly, there is a double standard
Griffith said that while he wasn't at home with the national Democratic Party or with tea party Republicans, he figured he had been at home with Alabama Democrats. He contacted state Democratic Party Vice Chairman Joe Reed about returning. After a letter and some meetings, the party's executive committee let him return, but not by a unanimous vote.
At the time, Reed was trying to help the state Democratic Party keep its Montgomery headquarters open while facing more than $500,000 in debt.
"A Democrat said to me, 'Did you have to write him a $600,000 check to get the party out of debt?' I said, 'No, it never came up,'" Griffith said.
Ask yourself this question:  Other than the obvious, what is the difference between Artur Davis and Parker Griffin?  

Never let it be said The Alabama Democratic Party doesn't have the power to exercise racism too.  Sigh
Racism is not the the sole domain of Republicans, Conservatives or Southerners. Not all racists pepper their conversation with the N-word or secretly desire the extermination of black and brown people. Racism is complex, multi-layered, and deeply rooted in the American story. Name calling is not helpful in uprooting racism, but neither is a false sense of moral superiority. "
Right is right, and fair is fair.  It's "with liberty and justice for ALL", not SOME.  Remember?  Is Artur Davis a traitor?  Yes.  Is Artur Davis arrogant?  Yes. Is Artur Davis an African American? Yes. Should he be afforded the same right to redemption given to the white, arrogant, traitors?  You Betcha. That's the democratic way.  If you let them back in, you've got to let Artur Davis back in too. You just do.
“A good Democrat will fight for equal treatment, and that is what I will be doing,” Davis said. “Judges are elected and not free from political pressure themselves, but I have to trust the legal system to put politics aside and look at the facts and the law."


Zack Buckner said...

Arthur Davis appeared before the Democratic Party Executive Committee with arrogance and disrespect, demanding he be reinstated because we had reinstated everybody else. I could not believe his narcissism as he sat proudly before the board lecturing them on right and wrong. Dr. Reed did not say anything at the hearing, and he did not have to say anything. There were 24 members on the board who denied Artur Davis' scheme to pretend to be a Democrat and run for County Commission. After he announced to the Advertiser his plan to run in the Democratic Primary, he sent an email to his Republican friends and donors outlining his scheme, and reassuring them he was still one of them. One of his Republican friends leaked the email to Democrats.

Redeye said...

If the ADP reinstated everybody else EYE don't see how/why they can't reinstate Davis. As for the leaked email, that's politics.