Friday, October 16, 2015

What part of Republicans "don't want everybody to vote" don't you understand Brian? #VoterSupression

Brian said:
Is there any evidence that voter id laws suppress anybody's vote?
Is there any evidence that voter ID bills are written to hurt any group more than any other group?
Actually there is plenty of evidence Voter ID laws disenfranchise registered voters, but EYE want you to watch and listen carefully to this video so everyone knows what the plan IS.

What Yellowdog said:
I had to register to vote. Now I am on a list of eligible voters in my voting precinct/district. When I come up to the table, theres my name. I say "There I am." They mark me off - one name, one vote.
This is a sacred right to vote fought for by so many of our ancestors - and fought for us today. Finding ways to impede that simple process is denying fellow citizens the right to vote.

I imagine it is just a coincidence that minority Democratic voters are disproportionately targeted in this disenfranchisement. Even as prominent Republicans and conservatives say this is the purpose of requiring new identification to vote.
Even when you are registered and on the list right there, one name, one vote.
So I am denied my Constitutional right to vote because even though my name is right there, registered to vote, some Republican legislator decided I lose my vote cause I don't have the exact ID they want me to have? Or it expired yesterday? I'm obviously unqualified to vote as an American citizen because I don't have the same ID as you?
Our revered founding fathers believed only white male landholders had the "right to vote." I'm sure there are a lot of Republicans who long for the good old days.
"As the world's leading democracy, we must demand of ourselves what we demand of others -- a guaranteed right to vote for all." ~Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin


Brian said...

The articles you linked to don't provide any evidence of disenfranchisement. They provide speculation that some people might be disenfranchised.

Honestly, I don't believe that voter ID as it is set up will do anything to prevent voter fraud. The issue is that the motor voter act allows for anybody applying for a driver's license to also be added to the voter rolls without verifying that they are eligible to vote.

Redeye said...

The articles I linked are proof registered/eligible voters were denied their right to vote because of Voter ID laws.

Brian said...

No, the articles you linked to were either your own posts or articles that listed no cases of voter disenfranchisement. They listed ESTIMATES of how many people MIGHT not have a valid voter ID. Didn't even list whether or not those people might be eligible voters.

Redeye said...

Article I linked that listed cases of voter disenfranchisement.

Redeye said...

Here is another link to an article that list case of voter disenfranchisement.

Brian said...

The might be evidence, but it is a second hand story. It is a friend of the supposedly disenfranchised voter. And it does mention that she was offered a provisional ballot but turned it down.

I would be willing to remove the voter ID laws if at the same time we could purge the voter rolls of ineligible voters, i.e. non-citizens, deceased, etc.

"Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said he checked the numbers in the counties listed by the foundation and confirmed that all 10 had more registered voters than people 18 and older.

The counties are Lowndes, Perry, Greene, Macon, Wilcox, Marengo, Hale, Washington, Conecuh and Choctaw.

Merrill said all 10 counties have lost population since 2010 and believes some people who have left the counties remain on the voting rolls."


Redeye said...

If ineligible voters, i.e. non-centers, deceased, etc. are on the voter rolls it's because John Merrill let them on the voter rolls. If they are on the rolls it means he is not doing his job.