Friday, July 17, 2015

Edit~"Black equates to Democrat. Deny all you want to but it the truth." #AndThereInLiesTheProblem

Again EYE say, if you want to find out what the real dealio is about an issue look no further than the comment section of, where commentators, under the cloak of anonymity, feel free to express how they really feel without telling who they really are.  Thank you Kyle Whitmire for your recent column accusing Alabama Democrats of being black, lying, racist and enabling those voices. 
Kyle thinks he is a defender of the oppressed when he is actually an offender.
So, Whitmire declared the Alabama Party Racist because an old black man named Joe Reed is keeping white people from infiltrating the Minority Caucus.  Code word, Black.  Why are they trying to infiltrate the Black Caucus?  Because Black equates to Democrats, and in Alabama that's the  kiss of death for a political party.  It's why Alabama is a solidly red/republican/ state.

Don't believe me? Read this:
Kyle left out some very pertinent information. According to Joe Reed, new members aspiring for the Executive Committee have normally been interviewed by the current Executive Committee. The rejected candidates did not bother to do so. There had already been information circulating that the new majority Caucasian members would work to change the current bylaws, obviously, to attract more Caucasian members whose losses by the Democratic Party have been devastating in the South. I see no reason that Joe Reed would oppose regaining more Caucasian members.

Apparently, Joe Reed felt threatened by them not following common procedure for the interview and failed to support them. Hopefully, Joe Reed will give his own position regarding this matter, as we have only heard Kyle's viewpoint.
This is Whitmire's reply:NufocusfromBham I have been to enough executive committee meetings in the last 10 years to safely say that this argument is a bunch of nonsense. It's what Reed's folks like to argue, but it just ain't so.
Actually it just ain't so that his argument is a bunch of nonsense, because the white wing of the democratic party pulls this crap year after year, and are foiled year after year by an old black man named Joe Reed.  This rule is nothing new but don't let the truth stand in way of a lie Mr. Whitmire, sir.

Any hoo, the main complaint of the white wing of the democratic party is they don't have a voice in the democratic party because the democratic party caters to blacks, and as long as that happens they are not being represented.  Fortunately gave them a platform, so let's hear  from some of those voices.

And this is why we have undeclared voters, their party is control by black jim crow, who cannot let go of their past and they would rather control their sand pile even if it's filled with tape worms. Massa still controls these people because they can't let go and offer equal representation to whties from fear. FEAR stands for 'Frad each arian is racist. Fear. 
Reed is the worst thing that has happened to the Democratic party in Alabama and until their party realizes this it will only continue to diminish. Democratic candidates used to be able to garner lots of Republican votes in most counties in Alabama. No longer is that the case.
A new Democratic Party out side the claws of the current State Democratic Executive Committee is a must. The Democratic Party as it exists now is dead in the water in any state-wide race and/or any white majority legislative/county/school board district.
Legislative Redistricting/Reapportionment by Republicans in 2011, with Joe Reed's acquiesce, has guaranteed that.
Democrats can now only be elected in Black majority districts. Alabamians of good will have been driven out of the Democratic Party by the antics of the current leadership and allies of the Alabama Democratic Conference.
Alabamians of good will and a sense of fair play are turned off by the extremism in both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Extremism, in any form, will not solve the real problems facing Alabama and the Federal Government and thus, the quality of life of its citizens.
The ADC Chairperson has total control of the Democratic party structure. But what has he got?
Nothing but a toothless party whose proud history has been shattered by his drive to control. He has destroyed the Democratic Party as if the Republicans paid him to do it.
The head of the ADC is the best thing that the Republican Party has going for it.
For progressivism, instead of re-gressivism, moderates want a choice. A middle of the road party is what Alabama needs to move the state forward to elevate the living standards of all our citizens.
Hopefully, the Alabama Democratic Reform Caucus is the answer.
According to Whitmire an old black man named Joe Reed is racist because he's standing in the way of these voices.  Voices that don't want to be known as the party of blacks.  EYE HOPE the Alabama Democratic Reform Caucus is the answer for those who no longer want to identify with blacks, I mean , democrats, too. This is further evidence today's Democrats want to go back to to being the party of Jefferson Davis not Lincoln.

Enough of the democratic party taking black voters for granted.  Let them take their party back. Let's register as Independents (Bernie Sanders) and cast our vote, or not, for the party that addresses our interest.  What are our interest you ask?  Civil, equal, and human rights.  Accesses to quality affordable health care.  Equal access to quality public schools.  A woman's right to choose to have a safe legal abortion.  Jobs. Labor. Peace and Prosperity for all.   The party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy.

Joe Reed is a bold, unapologetic, liberal. He is a reliable voice for civil/equal/human rights, woman, public schools, public school teachers, labor, immigrants, protecting the poor, the marginalized and the working class. You know, the Democratic traditions the party stands for. Or at least traditions the party used to stand for before some felt the need to "reinvent" it into a middle of the road party.

My Daddy use to say never burn the bridge that carried you safely over the water. Like him or not. Joe Reed is that bridge. Blaming the demise of the party on him is like blaming Saddam Hussein for 9/11. People who won't contribute to or support the Alabama Democratic party unless Reed bows out need to bow out

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