Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Edit~"Down is Up, White is Black and Do You See those Dark-Skinned Racists?"

Can you say whats up is down and what's down is up? 

Somebody talk me down.  EYE booted up my computer this morning and learned two things.  First, EYE read the republican party was trying to woo minority voters despite the fact the republican national field is being led by an unabashed racist. Secondly, EYE read the Alabama Democratic Party is racist because Joe Reed is fighting back against minorities being excluded from the Alabama Democratic Party, not to be confused with the Alabama Democratic Majority
Once again we have a one sided news story about the happenings within the Alabama Democratic Party that paints Alabama Democratic Party Vice Chairman Joe Reed as a self serving liar "who opposed Barack Obama and who should should step down for the sake of the party before it goes bankrupt", blah, blah, blab, blab.
Where to go?

My first response to the news the GOP was trying to woo minority voters was to chuckle, but after reading Alabama Media Group's Kyle Whitmire's false accusations EYE stopped chucking.  It's like deja voodoo all over again.   Here is an excerpt EYE wrote for Left in Alabama the last time the GOP wanted to woo minorities.
I begin the day by mocking the GOP's effort to recruit minorities. After careful consideration and instructive dialogue I would like to apologize for my mockery and offer the Ala GOP some sincere, constructive advice .
First of all, you are correct in your assumption the Democratic Party takes the African American vote for granted and make them dependent on them. African Americans are members of the democratic party because they feel like they have no where else to go. Democrats count on African Americans to carry the water for them. Quoting VIP;

If white democrats want to get more white districts here they should start by working on their friends, neighbors, and co-workers now! Tell them to quit voting against their own interests. Black democrats will do our part, as we always do, so don't expect us to "take one for the team".
Since we're talking about changing mentality, the Ala GOP are going to have to rid the party of what I call The Plantation Mentality. The mentality that believes African Americans are still property, something to be owned, not someone with equal rights and privileges. The mentality that says "you better watch how you talk to white folks". The train of thought that African Americans need someone to "take care of them" or "tell them how to vote" as if they don't have their own minds and don't possess the intelligence to make their own decisions. The mentality that believes African Americans are lazy, shiftless, baby making, welfare loving, bums.  
Click here to read the rest. 
Again EYE say African Americans didn't leave the republican party,the republican party left us.  It appears like the Alabama Democratic Party is trying to  go back to before using white women as the Trojan Horse.  

What to do? 

EYE said it once, and EYE say it again. The Democratic party has been infiltrated by reactionary/New Dems/Blue Dogs/ Centrist/Conservadems/Moderates, and hell knows who/what else to promote neo liberal (aka conservative) ideas.   Maybe they should leave and form their own party. 

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