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From the Files of "Do as I preach, not as I do" in #SweetHomeAlabama #Hypocrisy

11-21-2014 Alabama State University Board of Trustees Meeting
Alabama State University Board of Trustees Meeting 11/21/2014
There is a bizarre contract controversy involving the new president Alabama State University, Gwendolyn Boyd. She is entitled to live in the presidential residence, which is pretty standard. What is not standard is the condition placed in her contract by the board: she cannot have lovers stay overnight for any extended period of time.  Boyd, you see, is unmarried.
As an academic for a couple decades, I have never seen the like of this provision” “For so long as Dr. Boyd is president and a single person, she shall not be allowed to cohabitate in the president’s residence with any person with whom she has a romantic relation.”
Remember when Governor Bentley ordered a forensic audit that covered the years 2007-2011, and cost the State of Alabama over a half million dollars?
It is so wrong. It is so destructive. It is so terrible. The “It” of which I write is the tragedy heaped upon Alabama State University (ASU).
Based upon specious allegations by a President of Alabama State University, who was present for only three months, federal and state authorities commenced criminal investigations into the University. That’s not good but it is understandable. The actions of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley are not good and are not understandable except in the vortex of race.
In spite of state and federal authorities investigating ASU, Governor Bentley ordered a forensic audit that covered the years 2007-2011 and has cost over a half million dollars. A forensic audit examines every agreement, every transaction and every action (not just random samples like a regular audit). Never before has a university in Alabama been subjected to a forensic audit. It is wrong. It is destructive. It is terrible.
After this rigorous audit did not turn up any of the alleged criminal acts, Governor Bentley proposed to remove two members of the ASU Board of Trustees. Alabama has 15 colleges and universities but only the two historically Black state universities have Constitutional provisions that permit a governor to remove university trustees for alleged conflicts of interest.
Was the investigation into ASU a diversionary tactic
The Governor diverted attention away from his secret love affair for three years by launching a $2 million high-profile investigation of financial management practices at historically black Alabama State University in 2012. This diversionary tactic played on the worst instincts of white Alabamians and resulted in an Alabama media and general public lynching of ASU. Three years and two grand jury investigations later, no ASU money was found to be missing, or otherwise unaccounted for. No ASU trustee or administrator was ever charged, criminally or civilly, with any financial wrongdoing.
Glass house meet rock

Alabama is in the midst of a budget crisis, with reports that 15 state parks will be closed and statewide driver's license bureaus will be reduced to four.

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