Monday, September 14, 2015

RedEye's RoundUp

EYE haven't  decided what EYE want to write about today, until EYE do,  here is a run down of a few of the issues that caught my EYE

Rut Rho!  Governor Bentley's (R. Tuscaloosa)  hometown newspaper is calling on him to make his divorce records public or resign.  
Why, for starters, he lives even his private life in housing that belongs to the state of Alabama. He is provided security by the people of the state even when he's not working. For his term of office, even when he is on vacation, the governor is never really off duty.
There is just one problem with that resigning thingy..... Batsh#t crazy is waiting in the wings. Shudder

Speaking of what looks like Crazy in #SweetHomeAlabama.... Miss Alabama proves why Alabama is #1 in College football....Education not so much.
McGuffin, the reigning Miss Alabama, said Republicans should be "absolutely terrified" that Trump is an 'entertainer' that is taking a lot of attention away from other Republican presidential candidates. 
Yep, republican candidates like Jeb "Brother of Dubya" Bush, Chris "Bridge Gate" Christie. and Carly Fioriona .  Girl Bye.

You won't see this on TV, hear about it on the radio, or read about it in the press because it doesn't involve one them there dark skinned Muslims, but a Breitbart source was arrested for trying to incite a 9-11 Terrorist Attack.  Remember the guy who went after Shaun King, feeding his information to Breitbart? It was this guy:
It's clear conservative are fervently praying for another terrorist attack on US soil they could pin on President Barack Obama and Democrats. It's the only card they have left to play. And now we're seeing one actively help a would-be terrorist build a real bomb, to kill real Americans, in a real American city.
It's the Media
One only needs to look at the circus between networks and the GOP party. The unhinged clowns, rabid animals are running the circus, while the ring masters abandoned all decency for lunacy.
EYE report.  You decide. 

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