Friday, September 11, 2015

The Power of the Press to turn the pigs into farmers, and the farmers into pigs #SweetHomeAlabama

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The 2010 Republican takeover of the Alabama Legislature was supposed to bring powerful ethics reform to Montgomery, but instead we got something worse that what we had. (Julie Bennett/

According to Alabama Media Group columnist Kyle Whitmire: It took Alabama Democrats 136 years to be this corrupt, the GOP matched it in four

The story usually starts with hopeful promise of something different -- you know, the thing that's going to go rotten by the end.
Like 2010.
That was the year the Alabama Republican Party took control of the Alabama Legislature for the first time in 136 years. The mini Republican Revolution came with promises -- the Handshake with Alabama was supposed to be the state's own Contract with America.
At its core was ethics reforms that Goat Hill Democrats had rejected for years.
Among them was a ban on PAC-to-PAC transfers, which lobbyists and politicians had used to launder campaign money.
Wham! Promise delivered!
Also there were to be new restrictions on lawmakers doing business with those who do business with the state.
Zip! Done!
And finally, the Alabama Ethics Commission -- long a toothless tiger -- would finally have subpoena power to investigate corrupt public officials.
Ding! Dong!
The Witch?
Here we are a quadrennium later, the Alabama Republican majority has proven that it is unquestionably superior to the all-but-extinct Alabama Democrats. The level of corruption Democrats took 136 years to achieve, the GOP has bested in just four years.
First, let's decode the code words, Democrats is code for the blacks. The media driven false narrative makes it socially acceptable to express the idea that black politicians are corrupt and inept and do not behave like adults.  So the party that tries to help the little guys and gals is corrupt, and the party that helps the rich get richer is not. What's up is down, what's down is up.  
And this time we can tell the pigs from the farmers, because the pigs are even worse.
EYE want my Liberal Media back.


Brian said...

Kyle Whitmire writes an article that basically says that the Alabama Republican Majority is at least as corrupt as they were claiming the Democrats they were replacing were and somehow you took that as a code for Kyle Whitmore saying black politicians are corrupt. It must be true when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Kyle definitely was not saying that Alabama Republicans were not corrupt. He was calling them out as hypocrites for not only not living up to their promises but going as far as doing what they promised to put an end to.

Redeye said...

THIS is what EYE said: The media driven false narrative makes it socially acceptable to express the idea that black politicians are corrupt and inept and do not behave like adults.

And if you notice it was a hyperlink to post from Left in Alabama.

It's called context.

Brian said...

But before you did the hyperlink to Left in Alabama, you had cut and pasted from Whitmire's column and followed that up with "First, let's decode the code words, Democrats is code for black."

You assumed that Whitmire was using Democrat as a code word for black.

And if you want a liberal media, liberals have to start supporting the media. The media is at it's core a business. A newspaper that doesn't make money won't be a newspaper for long. A radio station that doesn't make money won't be a radio station for long. A television/cable channel that doesn't make money won't be a channel for long.

Rush Limbaugh is on the air because he brings in listeners and advertisers recongnize that. Bill O'Reilly and Megan Kelly dominate their time slots. Sean Hannity wasn't and that is way he was demoted and most likely may be demoted further in the future.

Redeye said...

Everybody knows the democratic party is considered the party of blacks. And, everybody knows the white,male, dominated media drives the negative racial stereotype that blacks are Thugs/Criminals/Corrupt/Lazy/Stupid just because they are black. As far the media being about making money, therein lies the problem. The media is supposed to be about informing the public not about making money.