Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alabama InJustice/Hypcrisy Alert

Sue Schmitz
Former state Rep. Sue Schmitz (Huntsville Times file photo)
Former  Alabama State Representative Sue Schmitz (D. Toney) was arrested,  indicted (after a hung jury in her first trial), convicted and sentenced to two and half years in prison on  fraud charges because she was paid $40,0000 for doing very little work.  Yes, really.

It was revealed former Huntsville City School Chief Dr. Anne Roy Moore was paid $99,000.00 plus $198,000 for sitting at home and doing very little work. Oh, really now?

For the record, I'm  not saying Dr. Moore should be arrested, indicted, convicted and sentenced because of the terms of her ahem contract buyout.

But I am asking why former  Rep. Sue Schmtiz was arrested, indicted, convicted and sentenced for the same damn thing?


havealittletalk said...

I've been wondering the same damn thing.
And all I've read suggests Schmitz was a conscientious teacher, which means she was working nights and weekends for years -- underpaid and under-appreciated.

Redeye said...

Schmitz was a hard working, dedicated teacher. She was also an effective Democratic State Representative.