Monday, December 26, 2011

What I learned from the BlogOsphere Today

If  our so called mainstream media informed the public, instead of shaping public opinion we wouldn't have The Sad, Spectacle of the Undecided Voter.  What are they undecided about?  I feel the same disgust with those refer to themselves as undecided as I do with so called moderates and independents.  What are they moderate and independent about?  I suspect most are really republicans who are ashamed to identify with the gop infused, media enabled, Tea Party.  You are either for something or against something, there is no in between.  As much as I hate to paraquote pResident Dubya, yer either wit us or aginst us. I'm sick of the both parties are the same meme too.  Democrats represent 99% of we the people.  Republicans represent 1% of the people, by the people for the people.  People are undecided because they're being misinformed.  Period.

Thanks to ObamaCare, More young people have insurance.  Who knew?  To let republicans tell it, they were sent to Washington to keep more young people from having insurance.  Snark

Uh Oh!  The Alabama Democrat Party is handing out Holiday Gifts.  The *ahem* Democratic  party leadership, not to be confused with the brass knuckle wing  of the democratic party,  plan to field a candidate in every gop held Congressional district.  Well, isn't that special?   I can't wait to see the candidates party leadership fields.  RedEye Roll

Repeat after me,  Charter Schools are back door privatization.  They do NOT benefit poor, black children.  They benefit the wealthy.  If Charter Schools were for the benefit of poor, black, children, the gop would not be for them.

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