Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blogging Interupted

RedEye's Front Page is alive and well! No, I haven't been permanently detained, shipped off to Gitmo for some Water Boarding or worse, and no, this blog wasn't hijacked by the right wing terrorist(fingers crossed), this is one of those occasions when real life interrupts blogging life. I'm in the process of catching up on ahem current events and other ahem happenings that make you go hmmmm.

Here are some some quotes to chew on while I catch up.
"Truly, it is amazing how our political landscape continues to be dominated by people who have been wrong about everything for years."

“And I issued a challenge to Tea Party members. … [Gingrich] is a progressive. … If you have a big government progressive, or a big government progressive in Obama, one in Newt Gingrich, one in Obama, ask yourself this, Tea Party: is it about Obama’s race? Because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him but you’re for this guy, it must be about race.” Glenn Beck


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