Friday, December 30, 2011

Redeye's Week in Review

Radical is not a bad word.  You got that Progressives?   Conservative on the other hand.....Remember this when you hear the TTPH's and the mainstream media talk about candidates appealing to solid conservatives and promoting the centrist meme.  Conservatives are the ones that got us into the mess in the first place. Remember?  Now they are running around calling President Obama a failure because they obstructed the clean up.  They must think we are Suckers

Has America's Stolen Election Process Finally Hit Prime Time?  I HOPE so.

Mass Incarceration of blacks coming to an end?  Not if Lawmakers keep making laws like THIS.

Left in Alabama is running a two part ranking of the 10 dumbest things republicans said in 2010NewsOne compiled The Top Ten Racist Quotes of 2010Psst!  It's the dumb racism.

Mack Lyons said...
Sigh. The state is so damned corrupt that there's little to no hope of fixing any of this shit, save a federally-directed purge. Fat chance of that happening any time soon.

You think?  Federal Appeals Court Balks at Deciding Alabama Education Association Political Case. 

RedEye Week In Review Over and Out for 2011.

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