Tuesday, September 29, 2015

RedEyes Rundown #PinkOut

Alabama's Governor,  First Lady reach agreement in divorce. Move along. Nothing to see here.  Governor Bentley is free to continue with his activities, closing nursing homes and mental health facilities, denying poor women access to planned parenthood, refusing to expand medicaid, denying children access to a quality public education, destroying the environment, closing state parks and creating new jobs.  Oh, wait.....

So Robert Bentley is trying to convince the public that he is promoting transparency by asking for the court file to be unsealed--when, in fact, he's pulling another con on the citizens of Alabama.
Legal Schnauzer and his wife need our help.
Shuler tells us that they were current with the rent when the landlord unilaterally moved to terminate their lease. The eviction occurred before a ten-day grace period had elapsed, and despite a legal appeal that had put a hold on any eviction proceedings.
And he says flatly, "There's absolutely no question in my mind" that the eviction is retribution for his ongoing reporting about Alabama corruption--most recently breaking the story about the sexual affair of current Alabama governor Robert Bentley that led his wife of 50 years to file for divorce.
The Shulers lost most of their property in the eviction, some items were stolen by employees of the landlord. They are living in a fleabag motel with just the clothes on their backs. If you can make a donation of any size, please visit the Legal Schnauzer blog.
What's that you say? There's a mean spirit on the lose?  Who knew?
Located in rural Alabama, the Loyal White Knights claims to be the largest and most powerful KKK chapter in the country. Leaders of the Klan claim their membership rolls include politicians, teachers, hospital staff and others, saying, “Most of the majority of our people are in the military. We all have our concealed weapons permits.”
Going on, one of the men interviewed said:

“There’s going to be a great war – I won’t call it a Civil War – it’ll be anything but that. It’ll be an uncivil war. You’ll see a bunch of Americans getting killed and blown up.”
Boeher's Resignation is Bad News for Everyone
Stay tuned for a year of teabagger bullshit. I’m expecting continuous investigations of Hillary Clinton until the 2016 election, government shutdowns based on social issues, capped off with President Obama’s impeachment hearings.
And, Far Right Extremist won't be satisfied until they've burned the country to the ground.  
They truly do want to burn the house down. Just burn the whole country right to the ground. After securing John Boehner's resignation for the sin of trying to govern, the hard right is now taking aim at Mitch McConnell, and for stupid, stupid reasons.
“If all lives mattered, we wouldn’t be in the streets, right?” Mckesson said. “If black people didn’t have to fight for their rights like this, we wouldn’t be here, so we know that it is, like, an ahistorical way of thinking about justice in this country. All lives have never mattered, which is why people like Mike Brown and Freddie Gray are not here.”

As the young people say, Word.

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Unknown said...

Lets see how much family values cost:

The governor will pay Dianne Bentley $750 in alimony each month. That could decrease to $450 if the divorce increases her Social Security benefits.
Robert Bentley must also pay up to $20,000 in legal fees for Dianne Bentley.
The former first lady keeps one life insurance policy. The governor keeps another but has to pay $92,000 to his ex-wife in the next month.
Bentley will keep ownership of the home they once shared in Tuscaloosa. Dianne will have the right to live there through December 2017. He will pay the homeowners insurance and taxes; she will pay the utilities while she lives there.
Dianne will get to keep their Gulf Shores beach house. The governor will keep the "Bentley old homeplace" in Shelby County.
The former first lady will get all of the furnishings in the Tuscaloosa and Gulf Shores homes except for: The governor's parents' bed; his tools; a "reasonable share" of family photos and videos (he will pay copy expenses incurred by Dianne); his office furniture and a piano; pool and patio furniture; and a "reasonable share" of kitchen utensils ("pots and pans to be selected by Wife," the filing states.)
The governor is granted all furniture and furnishings they personally own at the governor's mansion in Montgomery, except for a chest of drawers given to Dianne by her aunt Dot.
Dianne will get the 2011 Ford Explorer; he will get the 2015 GMC Sierra.
The governor will get to keep his lawn mower. She gets her jewelry. He keeps his guns.
Dianne will get sole title to a joint bank account. She will have for repairs made to the Tuscaloosa home. Each will have to pay for credit charges each made prior to the final divorce agreement.
The governor will keep the Tide Pride membership and Alabama football tickets but will accompany them to an adult son if possible.