Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Greed Over People Party Strikes Again! #Scandal in #SweetHomeAlabama

Seven months after Blogger Legal Schnauzer broke the story of Bible Thumping Governor Robert Bentley's hypocrisy and corruption via Attorney Donald Watkins Facebook reporting, the Alabama Mainstream Media, (EYE roll),  republicans, right wing radio talk show host, Bloggers, and some (not to be confused with all) democrats who enabled them,  are falling over themselves renouncing, rejecting, and repudiating, Dr. "Love" Bentley. 

Let's be clear.  They aren't calling for his resignation, and threatening to impeach him because he did something wrong, they are mad because he got caught.  If the Governor hadn't tried to neuter the guard dog he and his Crush would still be carrying on their non physical relationship.  His Crush and her Spouse would still be getting paid,  and,  his Crush would still be the defacto Governor of Sweet Home Alabama.

The Montgomery Advertiser's Josh Moon said Alabama is getting just what it deserves.  As a life long resident of Alabama, EYE respectfully disagree.  Those of us who voted a straight democratic ticket, no matter how foul, don't deserve any of this.

Be careful who/what you ask for.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Now and forever, IOKIYAR...

Redeye said...

Yep. IOKIYAR all day and all night in America.