Friday, April 15, 2016

If you want to be truly disgusted today browse through the reader comments on #SweetHomeAlabama

What's that you say?   Regions Bank is "shocked and appalled" by the racially fueled attack on an African American woman at an ATM at one of their branches in Montgomery, AL?  EYE am shocked and appalled they they are shocked and appalled.
Regions has spoken with the woman in the video and offered support and assistance to her, he said. Bank officials have also spoken to the man in the video.
"Due to privacy laws, we are limited in what we can share, but in a situation in which a customer verbally abuses another customer or a Regions associate, we close that customer's account," King said.
They are protecting the identity of the offender because privacy, but EYE would like to know who this gentleman (sic) is. For all EYE know he could be someone in a position of power and influence. He could be one of the anonymous commentators on

Again, if you want to know how they really feel, and who the people who have influence and power pander too, look no farther than the comment section at  

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