Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's OK to be corrupt if you are a Republican. Democrats not so much.

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A Song For Sunday

EYE am sick and tired of writing about Sweet Home Alabama's embattled Governor.  There are conflicting and vague reports of state/federal investigations and talk (and that's about all) of impeachment, but Dr. Love says he's not going anywhere because what he did looks bad but it's not illegal.  Meanwhile, he and his GOP enablers are up to their Same.. Old.. Stuff.  
Bentley never broached the subject of the scandal that has engulfed his office in his speech and none of the three questions selected from the audience touched on the issues as well.
Bentley's 25-minute speech spanned a number of topics, praising the leadership in Huntsville and Madison County before outlining his initiatives to build four new prisons, expand funding for pre-kindergarten programs, condemning obesity, repeating his concern about cuts to Medicaid funding and reminding the high-tech Huntsville community about its role in putting a man on the moon.
Are we amused yet?

So let's compare the case of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (D. Mobile), who is currently serving hard time  in a federal prison in Louisiana because he was too liberal for Alabama, EYE mean, appointed a campaign contributor to a board.
The central charge against Siegelman, a Democrat elected in a heavily Republican state, boils down to this. As governor, Siegelman was looking to promote an election on whether or not the state should create a lottery. One generous contributor to the special lottery campaign fund was Richard Scrushy, the high-flying CEO of HealthSouth who wished to be appointed to a state hospital board. Bush-appointed federal prosecutors claimed Scrushy’s $500,000 contribution to the lottery campaign was the price to gain an appointment by Siegelman to the state board.
It's past time to end the embarrassment.

Ya Think? 

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