Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No "Absence of Malice" in Bama~Update

Absence of Malice is an American film starring Paul Newman, Sally Field and  Bob Balaban, directed by Sidney Pollack
Against my better judgement I tuned in to radio boy's talk show this morning because investigative journalist Andrew Kreig of the Justice Integrity Project  was scheduled to discuss the Don Siegelman case.

Initially I was going to give Dale credit for having the courage to have Andrew Krieg on his show, until I heard his diatribe, I mean promo of the segment, which begin with the typical right wing talking points- convicted felon, bribery, found guilty by a jury of his peers, Siegelman sold his house for double the worth, blah, blah, blab, blab, ending by calling one of Kreig's sources, Blogger Legal Schnauzer, a Sociopath (Dale's word) because he lost his job, cost his wife her job, lost his home, and posted a blog that said the Judge in the Siegelman case was behind 9/11 (Dale's words), and it went down hill from there.  Oh well, at least I know what advertiser's and sponsors to stay away from, but I digress.

After promising to give Andrew Kreig two minutes to make his case, Dale proceeds to in engage in interruptions and over talk,  running out the clock until it was time for one of his many lengthy commercial breaks.

Dale likes to say democrats and liberals are afraid to appear on his show, but it's not fear that keeps self respecting democrats away, it's the knowledge they are going to be treated with contempt and  malice.

Andrew Kreig must have assumed he would have an honest and open discussion/debate regarding the facts around the Siegelman prosecution, but he was wrong.   Psst Mr. Kreig! See what we're up against here in Sweet Home Alabama?  Do you see why attorneys and democrats are scared?.   Should we all be afraid?

When Krieg tried to tell Dale it wasn't about Don Siegelman the person, and our system of justice should investigate crimes not people, Dale cut him off.

When Krieg said the reason Nick Baily testified against Don Siegelman because he was afraid of being raped in prison, Dale mocked him.

When Krieg said republican Stan Pate paid for Nick Bailey's defense because he felt sorry for him, Dale whined  Stan Pate hates Bob Riley.

When Krieg attempted to bring up the statements of Dana Jill Simpson, Dale cut him off crying  she had no creditability  or proof about anything..

When Kreig pointed out Simpson testified before congress under oath and produced phone records as evidence of the phone calls,  Dale said that wasn't evidence.

When Kreig tried to talk about a possible conflict of interest in the case, ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff , and campaign contributions,  Dale said people contribute to causes they believe in all the time.  Oh ,really?  So it's not a bribe IYANAR (If You Are Not A Republican).

This is what I learned from listening to the show this morning, is it's OK for Dale, Judge Fuller and others to hate on Don Siegelman, and go after him for partisan, political gain, but it's not OK for Stan Pate to hate on Bob Riley, or for Attorney General Troy King to go after him (Dale).

Krieg ended the segment by saying the only way we are are going to find out what really happened in the Siegelman case, is to put all the parties involved under oath. Using the movee Absence of Malice as an example, para quoting actor Wilford Brimley, cast as Assistant United States Attorney James A. Wells, who threatens to make everybody honest by putting them under oath.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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Redeye said...

Dear Redeye:

Thank you very much for your terrific summary of Dale Jackson’s interview of me today and his talking points. I wasn’t able to respond to all of them. But he’d be making those points anyway, and so my being there at least provided a response to most. I’m a former Golden Gloves boxer, and don’t mind taking a few more punches to get in my own shots.

All that I add to your fine summary is: I told him that protesters of Don Siegelman’s treatment are the real “conservatives.” That is, those seeking a fair trial before an honest judge are the ones conserving our country’s traditional freedoms against radicals who care nothing about federal abuse of power and vast waste of taxpayer funds.

Also, I liked your illustration of your remarks with the “Absence of Malice” movie poster. For those who haven’t seen it or don’t recall it well, the movie is entertaining, powerful and relevant to the Siegelman case. As a plot summary: Paul Newman is a contractor smeared by overzealous federal prosecutors and gullible journalists for a crime he didn’t commit. Acting on his own with his whole community against him, Newman tries to turn the tables. In the climactic scene, actor Wilford Brimley plays a high-ranking, wise and honest senior Justice Department official who calls everyone into a room and says he’s going to hold a grand jury to force each of them, especially those in government, to speak the truth. Wouldn’t that be nice in real life!

Anyway, Dale Jackson told me at the end of the interview: “You failed!!” I’d like to think he meant that I failed to take the drubbing he had planned. :)

Thanks again, Redeye!

You are welcome, thanks for all you do also!