Saturday, November 13, 2010

Redeye's Week in Review

It's been a week since the gop infused, media enabled Tea Baggers took control of the U.S. House and the Alabama State House and what's their first order of business? Is it creating jobs and putting people back to work? Nope. It's a call for endless investigations, redistricting, *cough cough* ethics reform, tax cuts for the rich, declaring war on Grandma, and going back to the land of slavery and Jim Crow. And they are still mad because AL State Senator Hanks Sanders tried to sound the alarm. Only in AmeriBama.

Evidently the gop believes because they won it was a mandate for them to tell democrats who their national/state party leaders should be. On the national level, they tried to replace Nancy Pelosi, on the state level they are trying to decide who should replace Joe Turnham as ADP chair. Thank goodness, Nancy Pelosi will be the Minority Leader, and continue to be a major thorn in the rear of the Tan Man and the Tea Baggers, assisted by Rep. Steney Hoyer and Rep. Jim Clyburn. It. Is. On.
Top House Democrats said late Friday night that they had settled on an arrangement that avoided a divisive fight for the No. 2 position in the party when it reverts to the minority in January.

In a statement, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would nominate Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina to be the No. 3 Democrat when the party holds an internal party election on Wednesday.

The high tech lynching of Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton kicked up a notch this week. You know the drill...someone(s) leaks allegations of wrong doing to the media...the media runs with the leak....Newton can't respond because anything he says can and will be used against him..Voila! Get the rope! Uh, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law not the court of public opinion? Some of us saw this coming.
Newton stood so tall, looked like so much of a man among boys, I'm pretty sure irate angry Arkansas State parents were demanding to see his birth certificate, the way they do in peewee football when a Goliath appears.

The sad, sorry state of public education in Huntsville City schools Part II
City city school board members Topper Birney, Jennie Robinson and David Blair need a lecture on the state's open meetings law. Honesty and public trust should be part of that lesson.

Only a week or so after the municipal elections, the three huddled privately at a local restaurant to discuss board business, including the search for a superintendent and who might be the next school board chairman.
Blair, Robinson, and Birney need more than a lecture on the state's open meeting law IMHO. Unlike the allegations against Cam Newton, it's a fact they violated the open meetings law (again). If all they need is a lecture, give Cam Newton a lecture too and let's be through with this. I'm just saying....

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