Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If you can't beat em suppress em

According to the cable media voters are turning out like it's 2008 all over again. Not being reported in the media are cases of attempted voter suppression/intimidation. I wonder why? Snark I guess that doesn't fit into their "the gop is poised to regain power" spin. Any hoo here is some FYI;
Voting problems reports and election protection 2010
In Minnesota, tea party related groups are expected to continue to wear buttons or stickers saying "Please ID me" (despite a judge's ruling that they couldn't). This is meant to cause confusion in pollworkers and voters who do not have to show ID in MN. There have also been reports in one precinct in MN of a disruptive poll watcher who was aggressively challenging people attempting to do same day registration.
In Illinois in two predominately African American precincts, there are reports of every voter being challenged.
In a Michigan precinct, a poll worker was making racist statements directed at African American and Latino voters.
In Louisiana (particularly New Orleans), Maryland, New Hampshire and Maine, robocalls have told voters they can vote online or by telephone.
In Kansas, voters report robocalls telling they have to have proof of home ownership in order to vote, and that they vote on Nov. 3.

South Carolina
I just got a phone call early my time (7:40am PST) that there are Tea Partiers that are trying to prevent black people from voting. This is how racism works and why it’s so important that we fight back. If our right to vote wasn’t so powerful, there wouldn’t be folks working so hard to thwart it. I don’t have any more information than what I’ve been told below.

More gop dirty tricks in North Carolina
It turns out that actor Morgan Freeman didn't make a campaign ad for a Republican congressional challenger in North Carolina after all. But the controversy over the spot, which was made by a major Republican and Tea Party power broker, shows the kind of misleading tactics voters have been subject to this campaign season.

Voter intimidation from sea to shining sea
In Hennepin County, Minnesota -- one of the counties where conservatives groups have implemented an anti-voter fraud campaign called Election Integrity Watch -- election judges have had firm exchanges with overly aggressive poll watchers who did not seem to know their the role.

What's that you say? Republicans are depressing turnout in democratic areas? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! Not.
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said in a last-minute fundraising e-mail for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that Democrats have "already had disturbing reports about the Republicans trying to depress voter turnout in Democratic areas."

Will every vote count? The Shadow knows.
HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - An issue with ballots in Madison County has some voters worried. This is a county issue, not a state-wide issue.

The machines are not reading some of the ballots.

Madison County Probate Judge Tommy Ragland says they've had reports of bad ballots in eight of 74 precincts today. Ragland says there are several reasons some of the ballots are not being read. One is printing.

Here is a Virginia voter protection video.

Malfunctioning voting machines in Iowa too.
the Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that some voting machines have malfunctioned. Linn County Auditor Joel Miller says the problems were anticipated, however, and new machines are available as replacements.

So much voter suppression, so little time.

Consider this an ongoing thread...

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