Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update~ Throwback Thursday #Ferguson Round Up

The fickle, white, male dominated, mainstream media is bored with #Ferguson and #MikeBrown. They have shut this story down tighter than a drum, and moved on to the next, bright, shiny object.  The Revolution may not be televised, but it will continue to be blogged about on RedEye's Page.
 In order to halt any real conversation, one of the tools often used by right wing media is to cast every issue as an either/or. Media Matters has been doing a pretty good job lately of showing how Fox News edited the remarks of President Obama and AG Eric Holder about the situation in Ferguson by eliminating the balance in their statements. They aired only the side of these remarks that was sure to inflame their audience and eliminated the side conservatives might have agreed with.
I  must say Fox News is doing their part.
 It didn’t take long for people to start rallying to Darren Wilson’s defense.  In less than a week, several hundred thousand dollars had been raised on his behalf — with a healthy smattering of hateful racist messages in support, such as “I would have donated double this amount, but you missed his accomplice” — and Fox News had run a flood of false, unsourced stories, claiming that Wilson’s eye socket had been broken, implicitly “proving” that he had been in a heroic struggle for his life.
Only in America can you kill a black teen and earn 6 figures.
When you shoot and kill an unarmed Black teenager, you can expect the racists of America to crack their piggy banks open and reward you a six-figure sum.
Over the weekend, Darren Wilson’s supporters gathered for a rally, and sadly, they had much to celebrate now that it’s being reported that they’ve managed to best supporters of Michael Brown’s family in online fundraising. Indeed, the page in support of Wilson raised $235,010 from 5,902 people before organizers stopped accepting donations on Friday. They surpassed their goal of $100,000 in just four days. They have since opened another fundraising page, which has already amassed more than $100,000.
Meanwhile, a fundraising page in support of the Michael Brown Memorial Fund raised $214,000. According to Brown family laywer Benjamin Crump, “the funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf.”
What exactly does Darren Wilson need money for? He’s on paid leave, and wherever he is, I presume it’s on the state’s dime. After all, Darren Wilson was concealed long enough to get out of town before the national media arrived.
An Open Letter to the People of Ferguson, Mo.
 "We have felt your frustration at the uncomfortable realization that your protestors have been unfairly branded as looters, vigilantes, and rioters by segments of the ignorant, sensationalist news media".
Today marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.  It's a good thing it wasn't held 50 years later because protesters would have been greeted (snark) with tanks, guns, snipers with assault rifles, dogs,tear gas, and police masquerading as the military.  It's not like the #Ferguson protestors were protesting against  paying taxes or something.



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3ChicsPolitico said...

Hey Redeye!

You nailed it. The media has shut down the news on Ferguson. But not us at 3chicsPolitico. We're going to keep tweeting and blogging about it. This is not a moment. It's movement to get real reform. Black lives matter.

Redeye said...

As usual the mainstream media is out of touch with the American people. Thank goodness for the BlogoSphere. Blog on. Blog often.