Friday, August 8, 2014

Tweet of the Week #WaronWhites


Anonymous said...

We can wear black pride t-shirts, yell to the top of our lungs that we are proud to be black and Hispanics can wear brown pride shirts, wave the Mexican flag, yell they are proud to be brown and yet it's all ok but when white people say they are proud to be white we call them racist!And we say we as a people are not the problem, I just don't get it###!! Imagine a white male walking around Huntsville with a proud to be white t-shirt. We would call him KKK racist etc but a black man can walk around this city with a proud to be black shirt on and nothing is said!! CONFUSED?!!##

Redeye said...

Mo Brooks didn't say he was proud to be white, which is not racist by the way, he said "Democrats are waging a war on whites." People can walk around wearing whatever kind of T shirt they want, and people are free to think what ever they want. If you were black you would know this and wouldn't be CONFUSED?!##

Redeye said...

PS The only one using the word racist is Y-O-U. Project much?