Monday, December 8, 2014

Bloggers and Comedians are the #MainStreamMedia we wish we had

Why are Bloggers and Comedians informing us more than the Mainstream Media about #Ferguson and Eric Garner?
The mainstream news coverage of Ferguson has been driven by a "balanced approach" that's so balanced -- the cop said this happened, some African-American eyewitnesses disagreed and contradicted each other -- so we can never learn anything about what really happened. This is embodied by a New York Times article that looks at the doubts of a grand jury, and emphasizes ambiguities and contradictions in eyewitness accounts. We can only ponder these unfortunate and puzzling mysteries, the article contends:
If you want proof people have sided with #DarrenWilson based on incomplete information look no further than the comments following this article on and this article too

"In the meantime, it's worth looking to comics, bloggers and independent news sites to keep up on what's actually happening."


Brian said...

And people haven't been siding with #MikeBrown based on incomplete information?

Redeye said...

No people have been "siding with #MikeBrown" because of complete information. #MikeBrown was an unarmed teen who didn't deserve to be executed in broad daylight in the middle of the street and his body left there for hours.

Brian said...

Because of "complete information"? Like what?

Mike Brown was shot in the back? Forensic evidence has proven that never happened. That is enough evidence to provide reasonable doubt on anything else Dorian Johnson said, as well as other witnesses who said the Mike Brown was shot in the back.

Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson didn't rob a store? We have forensic evidence in the form of store security video that says they did.

We even have forensic evidence from conversations in the eyewitness videos that confirm that Mike Brown did turn around and charge Darren Wilson.

Redeye said...

#MikeBrown was shot multiple times by Officer #DarrenWilson in the middle of the street in broad daylight. His body lay in the street for hours. The kill shot was a bullet to the top of the head.