Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#MorningJoesGottaGo doubles down on White Privilege/Supremacy

Yesterdays Thugs are today's Hoards.  Poor Joe Scarborough, as a southern white male he just can't refrain from using the public airways to expose the "defense mechanism of white supremacy" that is his mind.  Yesterday, he and his all white and one female panel, smeared a dead teen. Today Joe called black elected officials, four Saint Louis Rams football players, and others, a bunch of lying liars, under the guise he's concerned about the small black business owners in Ferguson.
"If I've offended anybody, offended anybody, by saying what I've said, trust me, 95% of America thinks just like me. Just because there are cowards that won't say that on TV — that's your problem, it's not mine," he said.

Joe must not know  police protected the White side of town while allowing businesses on the Black side to be robbed and burned. At least 12 buildings were on fire. Most protesters, though, were peaceful. At two in the morning the police held a press conference. They blamed protesters for tearing apart “the fabric of the community”.  Businesses will rebuild with insurance and state and federal grants.  Can't bring back a life, but then again black life has no value compared to other things, right Joey?

Joe obviously only read the grand jury testimony that agrees with his version of the facts.  Joe wants us to believe everyone is lying about Michael Brown having his hands up except the person who killed him. If there had been an actual trial instead of a secret trail masquerading as a grand jury  and cross examination of the witnesses and the evidence we would know that one way or the other.

The Morning Joe Cast and Crew  are the perfect example of why ignorance is bliss.
 I think this, more than anything, is the source of our trouble when it comes to racial division in this country. The inability of white people to hear black reality—to not even know that there is one and that it differs from our own—makes it nearly impossible to move forward. But how can we expect black folks to trust law enforcement or to view it in the same heroic and selfless terms that so many of us apparently do? The law has been a weapon used against black bodies, not a shield intended to defend them, and for a very long time.
We Shall Overcome.......

One Day

I'm tired of white people telling Black people what to focus on. We can think for ourselves. shut the hell up.

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