Monday, December 1, 2014

JoeScarborough calling an unarmed dead teen a "Thug" was the last straw for me

So, University of Alabama Alum, red, republican, right wing, congress critter turned Talking TeeVee Pundit Head Joe Scarborough used the public airways to spew misinformation, and smear Michael Brown after some members of the St. Louis Rams football team dared put their hands in the air before the game on Sunday in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson,
Scarborough’s bloviating was unrelenting and exhausting. The talk show host believes the black people supporting the Ferguson based protests are using a poor example by taking up the cause of the “thug” named Mike Brown. As an aside, I think I would like that word to go the way of b*tch, f*g, and ni**er. When do you ever hear that term used against anyone except people of color?
After you watch the video read 8 Thoughts on Joe Scarborough's Ferguson Rant.
 1) There is nothing more insufferable than a pompous white guy telling black people how to act. This should be so damn obvious. Even Joe himself points out the unfairness to black people on the streets and in the courts of this nation. The system is rigged and only a white fool doesn’t know that. The difference is, black people live it. Considering that, imagine having a rich white guy going on television and letting you know what you have the right to be outraged over? A man who can hail a cab with ease, can shop in a retail establishment without being watched, and has many fewer worries about getting shot just because of an accident of birth. At least moderate your damn tone.
#JustSayNoToMorning Joe

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