Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Update: If journalistic intergrity means anything to you read, sign, and share this petition

A screen grab from the Fox 45 story.

 UpdateThe Fox 45 reporter and the photographer are taking the fall for the news director.
The reporter and the photographer responsible for misquoting Tyrone West's sister, Tawanda Jones, at a protest rally in Washington, D.C., reporting she and others chanted "kill a cop," have been let go by Fox 45, according to two sources confirming a report that first appeared on the site - See more at:,0,2353761.story#sthash.OqidMFY0.dpuf

For those who remember the recent Baltimore-based Fox News affiliate WBFF’s deplorable attempt at misrepresentation of peaceful protests in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement dominating the country since the murderers of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were cut loose of any charges, a petition is now being circulated calling for those responsible for the devious misrepresentation to be fired and for the station to receive large FCC fines. 


Upset Resident said...

What about this?

Scalise story was a giant hoax. Never spoke at David Duke meeting.

The claim that US Representative Steve Scalise spoke at a 2002 conference organized by David Duke, is a hoax.

The fake story was originally reported on a left-wing blog. It was then picked up by media all over the world, and reported as a factual story.

The debunking of the fake story, however, is a much smaller news story. The media always gives left-wing hoaxes the front page, and then posts the retraction in the back of the paper. Many media outlets even reported that Scalise had admitted to speaking at the David Duke conference.

The SPLC, which has a history of promoting hoaxes, told media outlets that Scalise “gave a speech to a well-known group of white supremacists and neo-Nazis.” SPLC writers falsely accused Scalise of lying about the event, and demanded that he resign from his post. The SPLC has yet to make an apology or retraction.

The media reported the false claim with such fury that both “Scalise” and “David Duke” became trending topics on twitter all over the United States.

Steve Scalise spoke to the Jefferson Heights Civic Association at a hotel in Metairie, LA in 2002. The subject of the meeting was establishing neighborhood watches. A representative of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department spoke. A representative from the Red Cross gave a CPR demonstration.

A couple hours after that meeting was over, a conference organized by David Duke started at the same hotel. Scalise did not speak at, or attend, the David Duke conference. Other people at the conference, have stated that they never saw Steve Scalise, and had no idea he had even been at the same hotel.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune admitted the story was a hoax on December 31st. However, many left-wing pundits and left-wing websites were still hyping the false claim on January 2nd.

In fact, even as we publish this media, outlets and websites are issuing fresh calls for Scalise to resign from his post as Majority Whip, or for the GOP to strip him of his position. Even many so-called “conservatives” are grovelling to the left and calling on Scalise to resign from his post.

Redeye said...

Well what about this?

"Well, I knew him, but then I didn't, but I spoke at one of his hate group gatherings, when I knew him, then he gave me a political donation in 2008, and I know I knew him then, but now, I'm not sure if I know him!!"

Upset Resident said...

That in no way makes him like DEMOCRAT Robert Byrd!Where is your outrage on him? Where you upset with him? He did was a member of the KKK! Scalise's story is a hoax!!!!! That also goes against one of your other blogs about Fox news reporting the truth....###

Redeye said...

Robert Byrd is dead. Let him rest in peace. You are off topic.