Friday, December 5, 2014

#CrimingWhileWhite # "Dear White People I'm Tired "

Remember how law enforcement officials cut and ran when confronted by an armed posse when Bundy refused to pay his taxes?

Compare and contrast law enforcement officials reaction to American's protesting killing unarmed black people.

Dear White People:  I'm tired
I direct this specifically at white privilege. It wraps you in arrogance and blinds you to how utterly un-inclusive the world you’ve made around you really is. People of color literally fear for their lives around a white person and a gun and we have good reason, especially when we’re unarmed. White people I am tired that you sometimes fail to live in reality. That you continuously prop yourself up and hold the moral high ground as long as you’re better off materially than another group of people. All social markers of superiority and success are in your favor and equality threatens that superiority.
Maybe if there weren't so many guns on the streets Cops wouldn't be afraid they weren't going to get to go home to their family at night.

I'm just saying....

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