Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stupid is as Stupid does in #SweetHomeAlabama #BlackHistoryMonth2016

EYE am still fuming at Governor Bentley's "bold ideas" for Alabama outlined in his annual State of the State Address.  If you don't read another thing EYE post, please read:  Governor Bentley thinks the Grinch is Santa Clause by Stranger in a Strange Land. The analysis is on point.

I think the Governor, like little Cindy Lou Who (who was no more than two), is fooled by the Grinch legislature’s Santa Claus costume.
The governor’s speech was ideologically all over the place. I’m beginning to question whether Bentley is the same rock-ribbed Republican who opted not to bring expanded Medicare and Medicaid money into the state under the Affordable Care Act because, well, Obama (who is black).

On this date, in 1956, Autherine Lucy became the first African American student to attend the University of Alabama. #History #BlackHistoryMonth
University of Alabama students burn desegregation literature to demonstrate against enrollment of first African American Student, Autherine Lucy in Tuscaloosa on Feb. 6, 1956 Courtesy of Library of Congress.
 The more things change, the more they don't .

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