Tuesday, November 18, 2014

All #Ferguson All the Time

Watch this amazing video that truly captures what #Ferguson is about.  Fist Dap to Molly Crabapple,  an artist and writer living in New York.

Read this passionate Open Letter to the People of #Ferguson


 Stop the Media's reckless provocation of violence in Ferguson.

NEWS: As the nation patiently waits to hear whether a Missouri grand jury will indict #Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for killing #MikeBrown 102 days ago, the FBI is warning law enforcement agencies across the country that the "decision “will likely” lead some protesters to threaten and even attack police officers or federal agents."

This type of dangerous and inaccurate narrative only serves to criminalize the victim and peaceful protestors and fails to acknowledge a longstanding crisis of violent policing. The fact is; it's not civilians that are clad in riot gear, firing rubber-coated bullets, launching flash grenades and perched on top of armored trucks with military style rifles, making unjust arrests and leaving hundreds injured -- it's law enforcement. 

You won't see this on TeeVee because it doesn't fit the false narrative.  KKK Threatens Liberal Blogger for reporting on Anonymous unmasking of Hate Group
Willis says she will not let a threat from small-minded racists to dissuade or intimidate her, though. "Here is how this works. I'm not stopping anything that I do, ever. I am going to get up every day for the rest of my life and do what I think is right - just as I have every single day prior to this one," she wrote. "Threaten me and you're just going to make me even more determined. Please understand that I'm one of those crazy liberal b*tches who is willing to die for what she believes in. Do you really think an anonymous threat is going to deter me?"
Gov. Nixon's Pre-Emptive Strike threatens to stir up tensions:
 Hands Up United organizer Tory Russell noted on Twitter that Nixon does not have the authority to declare a preemptive state of emergency, as Missouri law mandates that a disaster of "major proportions" must have actually taken place before such a declaration can be made. Russell quoted a state General Assembly statute that reads, "The existence of an emergency may be proclaimed by the governor or by resolution of the legislature, if the governor in his proclamation, or the legislature in its resolution, finds that a natural or man-made disaster of major proportions has actually occurred within this state[.]"
Psst!  Governor Nixon! This is what a state of emergency looks like.

Black on Black crime my Donkey.


DARYAL Pinchon said...

You report one side like any good liberal Democrat. There have also been threats of violence from black groups that I have copied and pasted but you delete because it does not fit your narrative!Again a black officer killed a white unarmed man in Salt Lake City but no mention of that by the bias liberal media it got about 5 minutes of coverage.

Redeye said...

How many times do I have to tell you this is RedEye's blog and Eye will write about what Eye want to write about? If you want to write about one case in Utah do it on your own blog.

DARYAL Pinchon said...
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