Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"The Murican people have decided" the South shall rise again! Yee Haw!

It is all still about race: Obama hatred, the South and the truth about GOP wins
Credit: AP/Dave Martin

Before I type another world let me say republicans could not have gained control of the Senate without the help of democrats who would rather lose than support a black man, or black people.  As a matter of fact, that's kinda how we got into this mess in the first place.  Remember when the Congressional Black Caucus tried in vain to contest the 2000 election results and not one white Senator would support them?  I'm just saying...

Black folks were made to believe if they got out and voted in massive numbers like they did in 2008 and 2010, they could save the Senate.  But it was a set up.  Between gerrymandering, court sanctioned voter suppression, and Citizens United, black voters didn't stand a chance of saving the Senate.  Black voters were being set up to take the blame.  But that dog won't hunt.

It's not black voters fault white voters can't stand the idea of an African American male being President of the United States of America.  The only African Americans republicans like are republican African Americans.

The person who could have saved the Senate is soon to be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.NV) who could have pulled the nuclear trigger on the filibuster, putting an end to the organized GOP obstruction, but that would have been too much like right.  Pun intended.

We have to give the white, male dominated media their props too.  Thanks to the dark (pun intended) money, republicans were able to fund an effective, methodical, truth-be-damned 24/7 media blitzThe public airways were filled with republicans, unfair and unbalanced, distorting what we decide, with all spin all the time.

So now that the Suckers have spoken, what are they going to do?

Are they going to start impeachment proceedings, or are they going to dismantle the Affordable Health Care Act?

Are they going to send our troops and treasure to war to spread freedom and democracy to the Middle East?

Are they going to shut down the IRS, the Department of Education, and the Energy Department?

Are they going to send all them there illegals back to Mexico?

Are they going to bring back Slavery?

Are they going to take away a woman's right to have a safe legal abortion?

Are they going to privatize social security?

Are they going to ship jobs overseas?

Are they going to let the banks fail and the stock market crash?

Or, are they going to work with the man and the party they ran against and govern?

Time will tell the truth.


DARYAL Pinchon said...

The South was not the only part of the U.S. that Republicans won! Time will tell what happens but I do know one thing that will not happen: FREE FREE FREE FREE HANDOUTS! People need a HAND UP not a hand out!

Redeye said...

I didn't say the South was the only part of the U.S. RepubliKlans won. And the only one talking about Handouts is Y-O-U.

Brian said...

Reid did pull the trigger and activate the nuclear option for presidential appointments. But what Reid won't tell you is that it wasn't republicans obstructing the government but democrats.

In 2013, nearly 1500 amendments to bills were brought up in the Senate but only 19 of them were voted on. Sheila Jackson Lee, a democrat in the House, had 15 amendments voted on in 2013.

There are at least 46 bills that the house passed that Reid would not let be brought to floor for a vote.

Chris Murphy, a democrat Senator from Connecticut said ‘I got more substance on the floor of the House in the minority than I have as a member of the Senate majority,’

From July 2013 to July 2014, the Senate had 11 votes on Republican minority amendments. The House had 176 votes on Democrat minority amendments.

And it's not just Reid that was holding things up. When Pelosi was speaker, things were slower and less balanced. In the 111th Congress (2009-2010), Pelosi allowed 778 amendments to be considered. In the 113th Congress (2013-2014), Boehner has allowed 1,114 amendments to be considered up to June of 2014.

In the 111th Congress under Pelosi, 57% of the amendments made were offered by the Democrat majority compared to 36% by the Republican minority. In the 113th Congress, 42% of the amendments have been offered by the Democrat minority and 42% have been offered by the Republican majority.

Redeye said...

Yep Democrats enabled the republican racism infused obstruction.

DARYAL Pinchon said...
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DARYAL Pinchon said...
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Brian said...

Calling somebody an Uncle Tom or a Slave Catcher or a racist is just an attempt to bully them back into their "place". As Redeye herself said on Twitter: "What you call others is what you are yourself."

DARYAL Pinchon said...

I agree Brian.

Redeye said...

LOL! Nice try Brian. First of all I didn't call anyone an Uncle Tom or a Slave Catcher, I said their behavior earned them the title of Slave Catcher of the week. There is a difference between talking about someone's behavior and calling them the n word, or the c word, or a moron, idiot, dumb ass, fat head, or any other name. I try very hard not to call people out of their names, because what you call people is what you are yourself. It takes one to know one. As for the so called hatred of Mia Love and Tim Scott, I don't hate them personally, but I strongly disagree with their politics. It's political not personal. As for what other people chose to call them, that's between them and their God.

Brian said...

I believe most people would call that a distinction without a difference.

And you have been calling America racist assuming they voted republican because of Obama's race rather than the policies of democrats and their candidates.

DARYAL Pinchon said...

Why delete my post? Why the hate and name calling toward Tim Scott and Love? History was made and we should be PROUD but yet many call names and complain!!!

Redeye said...

LOL! Why am I not surprised you believe my explanation is a difference without a distinction?

The republican party is the party of white flight. So let's not make any illusions about that. If the republican party is the party of white flight, it is a racist party.

The GOP has a strong appeal to the racist elements in America. No one in their right mind can say that all republicans are racist, but there are a lot of racist who cling to the republican mantra and label.

As the midterm election showed, all democrats are not non racist either.

I stand by my assertion the opposition to President Obama policies are because of his race.

@DARYAL Pinchon, this is RedEye's blog. Right wing conservative talking points and misinformation will not be tolerated or allowed here. If you want to show love and pride for Scott and Love do it on your own blog.

Brian said...

The only difference between "calling somebody a name" and "saying they earned a title" the viewpoint of the parties involved. You can say that the earned a title, but they would probably say otherwise.

George Carlin had an interesting line he used in his shows: "Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?" Does that mean that all slow drivers are idiots and all fast drivers are maniacs? No, but at the time it is easy to say that they "earned" that title, but I doubt they would believe that they "earned" that title but they would say they were being "called" a name.

Therefore it is a distinction without a difference.

Redeye said...

There us a difference between cling someone who diagress etith your point of view, it who you don't like, an idiot, moron, dumbass, ignorant, N-word etc. and saying someone's actions earned them a title. As I said previously I am not surprised you can't see the difference. End of story.

Brian said...

What is the difference than? What is the difference between saying somebody earned a name/title and calling somebody a name/title? If I say Alabama is the best team in the nation, it is my opinion and I am calling them best. If the AP elects them national champions, they earned the title of being the best team in the nation. That is the way I see it. I don't see the difference with you saying that somebody earned a name/title and you calling somebody a name/title.

BTW, it's not indisputable that the republican party is a racist. If the republican party was a racist party, they would not have elected Mia Love. They would not have elect Tim Scott. They wouldn't be support Ben Carson. They wouldn't have made Condalisa Rice. They do not cater to racists.

Redeye said...

The only African Americans republicans like are republican African Americans.

Brian said...

The only African Americans democrats like are democrat African Americans.

Redeye said...

The truth is neither party likes African Americans.