Friday, November 7, 2014

Why did Huntsville City Schools pay a former FBI agent to spy on black students? Because they could?

Huntsville, Alabama School Board
  #hsvboe members Elisa Ferrell and Walker McGinnis, Laurie McCaulley, Superintendent Casey Wardynksi

Alabama media group state enterprise reporter Challen Stephens investigative reporting of the Huntsville City Schools SAFe program garnered national attention.  Although they were tardy to the party, the story was eventually picked up by mainstream blogsprint media, and television. Oh the shame of it all!

So how does Huntsville City Schools respond?  The newly installed President of the board, who didn't know nothing before she knew something, announces they cutting the security consultant services from the budget and will operate the program internally with the district's security team headed by Al Lankford, the system's chief security officer.   Nod Nod Wink Wink

Uh, how do you cut services from the budget that were never in the budget?  And is this the same district security team whose budget was just slashed and work force reduced?  Is this the same chief security officer who thought he was talking to the NSA (National Security Agency)?  Oh, OK

Now, let's separate fact from spin.

HCS is NOT ending the program.

They have NOT answered any questions about the origins of the program.

We still do not know who authorized the expenditure $157,190 for Mr. McRae.

We still do not know exactly how the $2,295,608.00 that we've paid T&W Operations since 2013 has been spent since only about half of that was approved by the board.

They are attempting to sweep this under the rug in the hopes that the public will forget.
 A better question, perhaps, is whether Alabama — land of the fiscal conservatives — should be spending $110 an hour looking for kids bragging about their pot-smoking exploits online. At the very least, they should've funneled a little more cash into designing that logo.
We must laugh to keep from crying.


DARYAL Pinchon said...
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DARYAL Pinchon said...

I also feel that what is on social media is free reign for anyone to look at and if you do not want someone looking at your pictures, quotes etc do not post anything!!

Redeye said...

What students post on social media is free reign for anyone to look at, but what students post on social media,outside of school, on their personal electronic devices should not be used as an excuse to expel them from school and ruin their chances of becoming productive members of society.

DARYAL Pinchon said...

I can agree to that. I will ask of those expelled students what was there attendance, discipline record and grades? Were they on the path to be productive members of society?

Redeye said...

I will ask if the students being cyber stalked were being profiled by those who had access to attendance, discipline records, and grades. That is the question.

DARYAL Pinchon said...

I am sure the ones posing with guns,drugs etc that were suspended are NOT honor roll students!!!!!!

Redeye said...

Not being an honor roll student doesn't mean students deserve to be profiled, stalked, and expelled from school because of something posted on social media, outside of school, on personal electronic devices.

DARYAL Pinchon said...

Maybe maybe not. What most do outside school they bring inside the school!

Redeye said...

Says who Colonel Wardynski? If, I repeat if, most bring inside what they do outside, deal with it then. Wardynski's obsession with gangs and gang activity is troubling. Maybe he should join the police force and head up a gang task force or something and let certified trained educators be the instructional leaders.