Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The #SOTU The Day After the King "Holiday", Five Things I HOPE #PBO Says Tonight

So yesterday was the Martin Luther King, Jr. "Holiday",  the day when white Americans and black Americans, Jews and Gentiles, young and old, rich and poor,  join hands and sing the words of the iconic Civil Rights  anthem We Shall Overcome, basking in the glow of love and reconciliation.


Regular readers know I don't celebrate the birthday of a dead man who was reviled and hated in life.  I call it The see we ain't prejudiced day.   A day when some (not all) white Americans proclaim their love for the man some called Martin Luther Coon, a Communist, and an outside agitator in life.

A father and husband who was assassinated, which is a nice name for murdered, because he was a drum major for justice.

A holiday that was reluctantly passed , and believe it or not,  six members of Congress who voted against the holiday are still in Congress today.

After the speeches, singing, and other symbolism , the United States of America goes back to being the United States of white America. I hope the media is happy they enabled the party who opposed the King Holiday and cornerstone Civil rights legislation to take control of the House and the Senate, but I digress.

The day after the King "Holiday", President Barack Obama will present the State of the Union Address to a Congress controlled by republicans.  NPR has outlined 5 Things to Watch , but I would like to outline 5 Things I HOPE President Obama says tonight.

1.  You won't hear it on TeeVee and other so called mainstream media outlets,  but the state of  the economy is booming.  Gas prices are lower than they've been in a decade, and will continue to drop.  More jobs have been created, and unemployment is at an all time low.  ObamaCare is a success, Americans aren't going bankrupt because of medical bills due to a lack of health insurance, however, if your insurance cost are higher it's because the governor of your state hates me more then they love you.

2.  Speaking of people who hate me more than they love you, include congress in that Klan, I mean gang.  I vow to get out my Veto Pen and to issue Executive Orders  like a sledge hammer on any legislation that does harm to this country and it's citizens.

3. My Name is Barack Hussein Obama and I am the POTUS.

4.  To the democratic party, I want to know if you are with them or against them?  If you are with them, I have something for you too.  Memo:   You are either on my side, by my side, or in my f#@king way.

5. We are going to stop fighting them there and start fighting them  here.

Good night, God Bless America, We Shall Overcome starting tonight.

Cue in The Battle Hymn of the Republic


Mike Jones said...

I think Obama should kick down the doors of Congress and sit now next to Joe with a pair of sun glasses on and a cup of "juice." He then should look at John Bohner and say exactly whathe he said to their boy, Mitt Romney: "Please proceed."

Redeye said...

Love it! Even better, kick down the doors of Congress, sit down next to Joe who is also wearing a pair of sunglasses and sipping on a cup of juice, look at the Orange Man and say "You are either on my side, by my side, or in my f#@king way." Proceed my Donkey.