Monday, January 5, 2015

Edited~ Proof there is more than a whiff of hypocrisy by "both sides" on all sides

Everybody knows the media is not the voice of the voiceless, it's the voice of the corporations answerable to it's shareholders, and if there's one thing you can count on from our cable "news" hosts, it's that Republicans will never be called out for their false equivalencies and endless game of 'bothsiderism. Which is why cable and network news should be avoided by elected Democrats and candidates, and others who want to be informed instead of misinformed.

No one is surprised republicans are standing by Rep. Steve Scalise over revelations that the House's No. 3 Republican spoke to a white supremacist group 12 years ago.   After all,  this is how they have defined themselves.  This is who and what  they represent.  They are who and what we thought they were.

There are two things I reluctantly give republicans credit for, they are loyal and unified in support of their party.  They support their guys or gals no matter what.  You won't see republicans breaking rank, reaching across the aisle, calling for bipartianship and compromise.  No Sir.

So what does it say about Democrats and the corporate media's values when they won't call for the resignation of Steve Scalise ,but they called for the resignation of Anthony Weiner when someone hacked his Twitter account and leaked pictures of his male member?

There is more than a whiff of hypocrisy on both sides.


Brian said...

ummm, Antonio Weiner's twitter account was not hacked. He admitted that he LIED about it being hacked. He admitted that he had sent the pictures.

Redeye said...

Ummmm NO, Anthony Weiner admitted to lying about sending the pictures and having inappropriate contacts with women. He did not admit to lying about his Twitter account being hacked.

"Dave Arnold told The Associated Press in an email that the tweet, directed at a woman, was "a distraction" from the married New York Democrat's "important work representing his constituents.""Anthony's accounts were obviously hacked," Arnold said. "He doesn't know the person named by the hacker, and we will be consulting on what steps to take next."

The photo showed a man's bulging underpants.

It first was reported Saturday by, a website run by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart. The site said the photo was tweeted to a Seattle woman.

The photo was quickly deleted.

Weiner later joked about the account hacking on Twitter, asking whether his kitchen blender would be next to "attack" him."