Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Day after the #SOTU and the Repubs are mad now....#IWonTwice

President Obama didn't call out the republicans (and some democrats) to my satisfaction, but he did  throw some major shade  with a drop the microphone moment  that has republicans begging for cheese to go with their whine
Republicans tried to get snarky with President Obama during the State Of The Union, but were quickly shot down by an off the cuff presidential reply. After the exchange, conservative media cowered and whined about the president’s “rudeness.”
They can dish out the rudeness but they can't take it, and I suspect rudeness  is code for Uppity, but I digress. Obama isn't the first democratic President to throw shade at republicans, but he's the first African American President, and that's what makes them mad.

So how are they going to get Obama for daring get Uppity  I mean rude to them?  Well, first it was the Voting Rights Act now the republican controlled Supreme Court's Poised To Make It Easier To Deny Someone A Home Because They are Black. 

 For four years, civil rights advocates have struggled to keep the Supreme Court from eliminating a key prong of federal fair housing law. This year, their luck is probably going to run out. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project, a case that could leave many victims of housing discrimination unable to win their case in court. Based on the justices’ unusual eagerness to hear the issue presented by Inclusive Communities, their decision is likely to end badly for civil rights.
Let's be clear, republicans showed us who/what they really are last night.

They don't want your child(ren) to have access to a quality public education.

They don't want anyone to have access to quality, affordable health care.

They want to build more new prisons than new schools.

They want to recruit our sons and daughters to fight wars based on dead wrong intelligence.

They are against Fair Housing.
They are against poor women (not to be confused with rich women) having access to a safe legal abortion.

They are against equal pay for women, heck they against fair pay for period.

They hate us for our freedom.  I thought I would throw that one in for flavor.

This is the party the media enabled to take control of the House and the Senate.

I HOPE they are happy.


Upset Resident said...

I think the American people spoke when the last elections took place and many Democrats were voted out. The people voted the way they did because they want change.Yes the Republicans need to meet in the middle on many issue but so does the POTUS. To say that you will veto anything on your desk before you even get anything or read over it is absurd.

Redeye said...

I think Voter Suppression, Republican Gerrymandering, and Citizens United spoke when the last election took place.

Upset Resident said...

Just a liberal excuse!

Redeye said...

No it's a liberal FACT. How else do you explain a party with a 16% approval rating, no plan, except all hate Obama all the time,no agenda,no record to run on "winning" the election? Actually more democrats voted than republicans in the last election but thanks to Voter suppression, Gerrymandering and Citizens United republicans "won".