Saturday, March 12, 2011

"You can lead a horse to water"

There are some who want to blame the sad,sorry, segregated, state of Huntsville City Schools on black parents and life's unfairness. Instead of acknowledging, as the DOJ has done, that there is a real and significant achievement gap in Huntsville, they dream up excuses for why educational achievement can't improve, can't be achieved.

Attending or not attending parent teacher conferences does not address the disparities or the segregation.

Helping or not helping your child with their homework does not address the disparities of the segregation.

Reading or not reading to your child does not address the disparities or the segregation.

Parental involvement or the lack there of does not address the disparities or the segregation?

North Huntsville parents don't have to "accept responsibility" for the disparities or the segregation because they didn't create or cause them. Through the Department of Justice they are holding those who are responsible accountable.

Playing blame the victim is a convenient game of scapegoat that is leaving poor/black/brown children behind.

While some continue to play the blame the victim, scapegoat game, others are going to look for solutions and accept the things that can't be changed (parental involvement), change the things that can be changed (disparities/segregation) and the wisdom to know the difference (parental involvement can't be dictated or legislated).

Every child in this city has the right to a quality public education regardless of race, gender, zip code or degree of parental involvement because Education is the Hope of the Republic.


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