Monday, March 7, 2011

An open letter to Hugh McInnish

I'm not surprised republicans haven't denounced Hugh McInnish for the bigoted remarks expressed in a letter to the United States Department of Justice regarding the disparities in the Huntsville City School System. After all, this is who they (republicans) are and what they (republicans) believe. Hugh McInnish said publicly what they (republicans) say privately.

However, I am surprised prominent white democrats/progressives haven't denounced McInnish. These same democrats/progressives who forced President Obama to renounce, reject and repudiate his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright for saying "They want us to sing God Bless America? No! No! No! It's God Damn America for killing innocent men, women and children in Iraq"?

The same people who had a hissy fit over Huntsville NAACP President Alice Sams John F. Kennedy quote don't have a mumbling word to say about Hugh McInnish's own words.

Here is an open letter to Hugh McInnish,republicans and democrats/progressives from a young person that hits the nail on it's head. Warning, it's raw. H/T MES, a young voice who speaks for me and who is part of a future generation who will lead us from the wilderness of the past.~Redeye

Dear Hugh,

I'm really speechless at your insane comments and your leadership in the republican party is proof positive that Alabamamians lack an intelligence chip. "Life isn't fair" is what you said about the segregated school system in Huntsville. It's unfair because blacks are inferior to whites. Interesting...Life is unfair. This is true. It isn't fair to the people that elected you and it isn't fair to the kids who obtain an inferior education.

What gives you balls to tell the Justice Department they don't know what they are talking about when they find there is in fact discrimination at the school system based on race? Is your nose growing? The letter you sent misstates so many facts and statistics that it belongs in the fiction section at the local bookstore.

Let's begin with facts..."Blacks misbehave more frequently than whites". How exactly did you come up with information? Did you pull it out of the sky or your ass? What studies have you read or published that supports this asinine assertion? White kids don't misbehave? White kids never pull pranks, take Oxy, go to raves, drink, smoke weed, have pre-marital sex and attempt to have a politically correct rebellion against their parents by embracing rap music or hard rock in your world. They never fight or shoot up schools or did Columbine, the Una bomber and Oklahoma City just slip your mind?

Your next quote, "The chart indicates that black people commit more than six times the violent crime of white people overall; it has them committing about eight times as many murders as white people and more than 14 times as many robberies." Right...again, where are these statements coming from? Your logic, destroy any hope and chance of these dangerous black monsters who happen to still be 3/5th's of a human being, and take away their chances of success.

By your own admission these blacks are NOT properly educated, what alternatives do they have? Crime. Better yet, running for public office. It seems that you don't have to be to bright to be a politician these days. All a candidate need say is, "Jesus, family values, I hate gays, I love guns, and no abortions ever.

Stating that black people don't perform well in AP classes as an excuse for why they are not offered is beyond cruel and inhuman, and frankly, stupid beyond belief. Everyone that isn't a complete bigoted dimwit should take grave offense to the implication that blacks are incapable of learning as well as whites. Is this still the antebellum south? Next you will want to have people's feet chopped off for being literate.

You might consider checking out the Uniform Crime Report at some point before you dream up delusional facts about who commits crime. The Bible Belt is at the top of the list on crime statistics. Ironic isn't it?

This is exactly why Brown v. Board was enacted, and why when someone yacks about "states rights", it becomes clear some states won't act right. Alabama is one of those states, full of closeted bigots who thinks a "Kardashian" is a country in Africa.

You don't understand how an outsider, the justice department can tell you what to do? Read the constitution, it's called the Supremacy Clause, which states federal law trumps stated law. So stupid, but you talk about the kids.

You can't fail to educate the children and then complain when they pollute the neighborhoods with drugs, guns, prostitution, and gambling. You can't cry foul when your house gets broken into or you get carjacked because you locked these "subhuman" kids out of a chance to be more than a rapper or ballplayer, because you decided to pick favorites and deem another group inferior.

Now you want to have your own private educational holocaust by trying to justify your own bigotry by using made up stats from a made up report. The disparity in education probably has more to do with income than your white supremacist misguided sense of entitlement. If you really believe what you are saying, then you exist only in the debris and hubris of an antiquated school of thought, desperately seeking spiritual justification.

If this is the republican party and the leadership that we elected, then, we deserve to be laughed at and left behind by every state in the Union. Congratulations for taking Alabama to a new low.

Now run tell THAT Homeboy!~Redeye


~Chip :) said...

Poor Hugh. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Which, he should shut, as he's obviously been tippin' a few too many.

Instead of acknowledging, as the DOJ has done, that there is a real and significant achievement gap in Hunstville, Hugh dreams up excuses for why educational achievement can't improve, can't be achieved.

To achieve, we must believe. Each of us.

Including Hugh.

~Chip :) said...