Friday, March 11, 2011

Redeye's Week in Review~Morning Edition

The Wisconsin GOP pull off a Corporate Coup d'Etat this week.

Overnight on March 9, fascist Republicans erased them in five minutes, in violation of Wisconsin's open meetings law, requiring "24 hours prior to the commencement of (special sessions) unless for good cause such notice is impossible or impractical."

The measure had nothing to do with budget-balancing. It's corporate ordered union busting. Wisconsin is a microcosm of America, ground zero, now breached as well as Ohio. Expect other states to follow. Public and private sector workers nationwide are losing out - betrayed by brazen politicians and corrupted union bosses, selling out rank and file members for self-enrichment and privilege.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Corporations are working to destroy one of the few tools we have to stop their abusive behavior.
When you hear about frivolous lawsuits and tort reform, what that really means is taking away your ability to make right a harm that’s been done to you.

Everybody knows this is not about reform or balancing the budget. It's about Obama derangement syndrome. You know, the segment of our population who hate Obama more than they love themselves and their country.

Americans are beaten down and scared. Unemployment is at historic levels, the economy is still pretty much in the tank, we have two wars going on and we see deadly turmoil increasing in the Middle East. And what are the Republicans' priorities?: Defunding Planned Parenthood, alienating Muslims, suppressing the youth and minority vote, breaking unions and pulling the rug out from under Big Bird.

Of course Scott Walker, John Kasich And Their GOP Colleagues Want You To Share A Bunch Of Sacrifices... And STFU Of course they think we are too stoopid to realize It’s very easy to prescribe “shared sacrifice” when you will not personally sacrifice anything at all.

The Republican led Congress misery index hits a record high, but you won't hear it on TeeVee.
Congress' approval rating is down to 18% after being in the 20% range the first two months of the year, and is essentially back to where it was just after last November's midterm elections.

Comment of the Week H/T Nonie via The Only Adult in the Room

I am about to vent so excuse my language

What the FUCK is going on in this country? Has this country gone completely insane? Is this what the country wanted when they went to the polls in November to give the keys back to the GOP? Didn’t they run on the mantra of CREATING JOBS? They have done everything but that and the chickens will come home to roost for these radical assholes. The GOP will get WIPED OUT in 2012. The democrats and president Obama have enough ammunition to go after these bastards and complete destroy their party.

You see the last 3 months the republicans have let the TEA PARTY infiltrate their ranks and their rational thinking and they are making radical decision not only in Washington but all around the country. Since being elected they have attacked Hispanics with these anti-immigration bills, have attacked women with these Draconian abortion bills, have attacked blacks, the poor and the elderly by going after head start, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, have attacked young people, poor people and Hispanics by limiting their ability to vote in 2012 by trying to pass anti-voting laws, have attacked middle class working folks by trying bust unions and go after their pensions, health care, have attacked Muslims by having these radical hearing in Washington and their protests in NYC over the mosque, attacked gays and lesbians by going after marriage laws and trying to defend DOMA in courts, trying to GUT PBS, Planned Parenthood, Health care, Wall street reform, EPA, Mortgage assistance, Educational system and the list goes on and on. All they have catered too is RICH WHITE MEN/WOMEN and Corporations.

I don’t care if you are republican, democrat or independent this war is about The RICH vs THE POOR. Corporations VS Middle Class working folks. The American people were DUPED into voting for these radicals in 2010 but I can almost guarantee you that the democrats are to have the biggest turnout in decades in 2012. The GOP will get theirs because apparently they didn’t learn their lesson for overreaching but the voting public will remind their asses in less than 2 years.

This country better wake up and wake up fast or we are going to be living like we are in a third world country where it will be just the rich and powerful and the poor and weak. President Obama and the democrats in congress/senate need to make abundantly clear as we gear up for the next election that they will fight these radical republicans and that now they have a reason to fight because the American people have gotten to see with their own eyes what kind of party the GOP is. They are arrogant, hateful, uncaring, racists who who don’t give a damn about people. Is this what America has come too? Degrading and treating people like garbage who happen to look different, act different, who live different than you or have less money than you? Something has to give with this country and the people who live in it.

The republicans campaigned on creating jobs. So where are the effing jobs? Here's what I think is their job creating strategy. They've shipped all jobs overseas so they are stripping the Union of collective bargaining rights so they can create low paying jobs with no benefits.

What say you?

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