Monday, April 13, 2015

Another day, another Hashtag... #NatashaMcKenna

Natasha McKenna
 #Natasha McKenna

But, but, lets talk about  black on crime so we won't have to talk about THIS right here.

A mentally ill woman who died after a stun gun was used on her at the Fairfax County jail in February was restrained with handcuffs behind her back, leg shackles and a mask when a sheriff’s deputy shocked her four times, incident reports obtained by The Washington Post show.
Meanwhile Arizona investigators have released dramatic video of a Walmart parking lot brawl that left a police officer wounded, one man dead, and reportedly involved members of a Christian family band, and they not only weren't arrested, they are still alive to fight another day.



Upset Resident said...

All case are different! I saw the Wal Mart video and wondered why they did not shoot. It may be due to the fight all over the place and maybe they never had a good clear shot but I do not know. If the lady died due to being tazed etc it was not by police! MOST jail workers are NOT police!

Redeye said...

" I saw the Wal Mart video and wondered why they did not shoot." Is this the mentality of law enforcement officers? Shoot first, ask questions later?

~Chip :) said...

I haven't seen the "Wal Mart video" so maybe I don't have the full scope here.

That said, it sounds like this mentally ill woman was hogtied in a jail, presenting no public safety threat and only being subjected to tazer torture.