Thursday, April 16, 2015

Good Morning Viet Nam, I mean, America!

Urban Cusp
Call me cynical, but I believe the rash of unarmed black men/women/children killed by police is black, I mean, backlash against President Obama.  I mean, if it's not backlash, what is it?  What makes white people implode when talking about race?  I submit it's because of the white, male dominated media driven racial stereotypes.   Not only do African Americans fear the real police, now we have to worry about the pay to play police too.

Speaking of pay to play police, Tulsa, We Have a Problem...
Remember that 73 year old volunteer hobby sheriff who accidentally shot and killed an arrestee in Oklahoma when he thought he was pulling out his taser? Well, turns it the Sheriff's department seems to have falsified his training records. Ooops.
Eye don't blame republicans for wanting to focus on foreign policy so they won't have to focus in what's happening right here in the land of the free and the home of the braveSnark  
The silence from white activists, elected officials, public figures, and citizens has been deafening.
RedEye, being the media Eye wish we had instead of the media we have.

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