Thursday, April 30, 2015

Update: Psst! President Obama, you are considered a "Thug" too.

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We Are Not Thugs
Dear President Obama Sir,

It's me,  RedEye again.  When you finally decided to address the uprising in #Baltimore you referred to the people as thugs and criminals, yet you ignored the savagery of the police.   But that's not the reason EYE am writing you today.  Eye am writing because EYE realize although you were a community organizer in Chicago, you weren't raised in the Hood, you were raised in  Hawaii by your white grandparents. Since you've surrounded yourself with people who don't look like Michelle and your mother in law, you might not be aware of the code words used by some (not to be confused with all) white folk. EYE am here to decode the code words for you.

1.  Thug is the new N-word, and no, I don't mean news.  As Richard Sherman said it's the acceptable way of calling black people Ni**er.   You might want to inform your press secretary of this because a lot of those Thugs are your base.  You know, the people who voted for you.  The people who proudly wear their Obama hats and T Shirts.  The people who swell up with pride every time they see you, and your familyEYE dare say, you wouldn't be occupying the White House today had it not been for us Thugs.

2.  Criminals is code for black and poor.  It is the prevailing thought by some (not to be confused with all) white folks that poor blacks are criminals because they are and poor.  If you care more about a CVS, which can be rebuilt , you are part of the problem, not the solution.  EYE am just saying.

3. Riots is code for black people unifying protesting against injustice.  In case you've forgotten our founding fathers said NO army policing on our soil, so why is it every time black folks dare exercise their First Amendment Rights, Governors roll out the government funded, taxpayer issued Weapons of Mass Destruction, like they are getting ready to put down a slave revolt?  When white folks assemble it's a celebration, but when black folks assemble it's a riot.

EYE must say EYE am disappointed you and the Baltimore mayor resorted to name calling, that is so GOP.
Little more than four months before pivotal congressional elections, President Obama on Friday defended his economic policies and berated congressional Republicans for blocking many of his initiatives.
"They don't do anything," Obama told supporters gathered at a band shell near a Minneapolis lake. "Except block me, and call me names."

While EYE have your attention, let me say THIS, the majority of Thugs, EYE mean black folks, are more afraid of the Police than ISIS, whoever the heck they are.

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