Friday, April 17, 2015

Jesus, save us from your followers....


From the files of they must think we are stoopid in Sweet Home Alabama.
A group of Christian pastors will present an award named for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail Friday to Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, in recognition of his efforts to stop same-sex marriage in Alabama.
I kid you NOT.

First of all, the so called "group of Christian pastors" consist of three, count them, three African American "pastors" and the "grassroots group" is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization based in Nevada.
We appreciate your financial support. Because we are 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are tax-deductible.* If you would like to contribute to our efforts, please click here or mail your check to the address below. Thanks!
Please mail all correspondence to the address below:
CAAP West Business Office
2654 West Horizon Ridge Parkway
Suite B5-139
Henderson, NV  89052.

*The Coalition of African American Pastors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Your donations to The Coalition of African American Pastors may be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  No goods or services were received in exchange for any contributions.  You should consult a tax advisor regarding any tax deductions.
Remember the IRS "Scandal"?
The IRS has interpreted our tax laws to allow big corporations and wealthy individuals to make unlimited secret campaign donations through sham political fronts called “social welfare organizations,” like Karl Rove’s “Crossroads,” the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and “Priorites USA.”
The real story can be found in the comment section
 Note too that the "Coalition of African American Pastors" is part of the anti-gay hate group NOM's "wedge strategy" to drive a wedge between certain minority groups.   Bill Owens is literally on NOM's payroll
About "Pastor" William Owens...
Over the past few weeks major news outlets have largely failed to identify Rev. William Owens – head of the recently-formed Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) – as a key player in the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) race-baiting strategy, treating him instead as a legitimate representative of the black faith community’s position on marriage equality.
Owens garnered national attention in July after criticizing President Obama for endorsing same-sex marriage, comparing him to Judas for allegedly betraying black voters who supported him in 2008. He also weighed in on the Chick-fil-A debate by comparing opposition to the fast food giant to racism during the Civil Rights Movement.
Since making his controversial remarks, Owens has played the role of spokesperson for the African American community on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN, as well as in a number of major news articles.
Oh the irony (for lack of a better word) of African American "pastors"aiding and abetting the co-opting of Martin Luther King's Letter from the Birmingham Jail to promote bigotry and justify marriage discrimination.
One of the worst things about being a dead famous person is the general public's propensity to put words in your mouth to serve their own agendas. It happens all the time with Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and now, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
What Tee Up said all the darn way!
 The most disgusting part of this whole scam that moore and his "followers" are pulling of is that the media laps it up and gives them exactly what they want.
RedEye, stomping way from the computer to go pray for my my state, my country, and the world.

Jesus, Save us From Your Followers Continued....

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