Sunday, April 12, 2015

Here we go again, another unarmed black man dead #EricHarris #Tulsa #ICantBreathe #BlackLivesMatter

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But, but, Eric Harris has a criminal record....

Here we go again.

You know the drill.

Another unarmed black man killed by police, but this time is was a rent a cop.

The only reason we know about it is because it was caught on tape.

 Speculate if the rent cop will be convicted.

And they want us to sing God Bless America?



And Heck to the NO.

#Ferguson is everywhere.

How can we end this open season on black men?
Fear can protect us but it can also cause us to act irrationally and do things that we wouldn’t normally do.  Fear is the linchpin in the narrative that police officers use to justify their use of force, particularly deadly force.  If an officer of the law or any private citizen for that matter is in fear for their lives from a confrontation with another person then under the law, they have the right to use deadly force to protect themselves.
The question is why do the police fear black men/women/children?

Could it have something to do with the media driven  racial stereotypes?


Brian said...

But, but, Eric Harris was running from police after just selling a pistol to an undercover officer trying to avoid being arrested...

Hindsight is great, but did officers have a reasonable expectation that Eric Harris might be armed considering he had just sold a gun and 300 round of ammunition to an undercover officer?

Redeye said...

But, but, running from police is not an excuse to kill black people. And if they knew Eric Harris had just sold the gun they knew he was unarmed. And the "Cop" who shot him wasn't really a "Cop" he was a wealthy republican campaign contributor. He payed to play"Cop".

Brian said...

So somebody selling a gun will only have the gun they are selling on them?

He was a reserve deputy... By your logic, somebody in the Army Reserves is not a soldier.

Redeye said...

So, a 73 year old "reserve deputy" who claimed he couldn't tell the difference between a gun and a taser shooting a fleeing black man is OK by your "logic'? I only hate #EricHarris didn't get away.

Brian said...

No, it's not OK by my logic.

I hate that Eric Harris had to die. It is very interesting that you wanted somebody that had committed a criminal act to get away with it.

BTW, Eric Harris was selling a gun to somebody he KNEW nothing about. He had NO idea what that person was going to do with that gun he was selling. Gun plus 300 rounds of ammo could have been a lot of dead bodies.

Eric Harris did not deserve to die, but he did deserve to be arrested.

Redeye said...

But, but, Eric Harrirs didn't "have to die." Interesting that you condone Coos being the judge, jury, and the executioner. The place where American citizens accused of committing a criminal act is in a court of law, before a judge and and a jury, not in the streets. The officer who killed Walter Scott will be tried in a court of law. He will have a fair trial. All Americans should have that RIGHT (pun intended).

Brian said...

Coos? Who or what is coos?

And I don't condone them being judge, jury, and executioner.

Robert Bates, who shot Eric Harris is being charged with manslaughter.

You are right that all Americans should have a the right to a fair trial.

Unfortunately, we don't know all of what was happening when the shot was fired because the officer wearing the camera wasn't looking at either Eric Harris or Robert Bates. It is perfectly reasonable to believe if Eric Harris had not ran, he would not have been shot.

Robert Bates has been charged and he has turned himself into authorities and he will be tried. I do expect that he will be found guilty of manslaughter.

I expect the officer that killed Walter Scott will be found guilty.

Redeye said...

Typo, should read: Interesting that you condone COPS being the judge, jury, and the executioner.

We don't need to know all of what was happening when the shot was fired, all need to know is Eric Harris is dead. What we do know it the person that shot him was a 73 year old reserve deputy who claims he doesn't know the difference between a gun and a Taser. What we do know is Eric Harris's last words were I can't get my breathe. What we do know is one of the cops said F@#k your breathe.

What we don't know is if Robert Bates or the officer that killed Walter Scott will be found guilty.