Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Dear Mr. President" An Open Letter to President Obama

H/T Uppity Negro Network

If you never read anything else I post, please read this letter to President Obama from an African-American woman via Abagond, who  loves her country but wonders if her country loves her.

As moving as your speech was, it did not address these issues that we face every day and minimized the daily racial inequalities that African-Americans face. Above all, words with no actions can be futile. After the fervor surrounding the Trayvon Martin case has subsided, will race drift to the back burner again? Will African-Americans be forced into silence and oblivion once again?
If the white, male, dominated media has anything say it about the answer is yes, and Forty-Two Million Black people will be told to stop whining, while the GOP continues  ratcheting up its political warfare against African Americans with unmatched brazenness.
Rabid Republicans are also acting with renewed zeal to roll back voting rights in key Southern states. In North Carolina and Texas, GOP-led legislatures are resurrecting a catalogue of Jim Crow-era barriers to minority voting, in response to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning of the 1965 Voting Right Act’s toughest enforcement provision. In North Carolina, the GOP wants to repeal 20 years of best practices that made North Carolina a model of fair and accessible elections. In Texas, the GOP wants to revise political districts to dilute minority representation and pass tougher voter ID laws.
  How long is it going to take the Feds to bring Civil Rights charges against George Zimmerman?
 "As a president, I am asking you to please take the issue of institutional racism seriously."
Read on.  Read often.

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