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Left in Alabama's Old Prosecutor proves America does not need another 'national converstaion about race'

Today's must read;
From the very beginnings of this nation-state, America has practically done nothing else but talk about race. The whole idea and reality of race itself is enshrined in the constitution wherein black people are defined as only three-fifths human.
You won't see it on TeeVee because they are obsessed with the Royal Baby and intent on rehabilitating George Zimmerman's image, but Southerners are taking it to the streets.
The lingering image of the happy-go-lucky Southerner, content with his lot, happy to get a pat on the head from the local patriarch, is being shaken to its core. Across the U.S. South, workers, activists and regular citizens are standing up to GOP right-wingers, the Koch Brothers and next-of-kin plutocrats like Art Pope, and privatizing, corporate-driven organizations like ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).
Left in Alabama's resident Righty and legal analyst Old Prosecutor, (who has posting privileges and I don't), says the events in Florida were truly tragic, and asks was justice done in that courtroom?

Well Old Persecutor, I guess it depends on what your definition of justice IS.  Evidently the jury decided it's OK for an armed adult to profile, stalk, and shoot an unarmed African American teen through the heart and claim self defense.

I don't know what trial you were were watching but you put forth some things that are just wrong.

You saidWas the shooting racilly (sic)motivated? That is Not Proven. I heard no evidence that Zimmerman had a hatred for african (sic) americans (sic) or that he acted out of that hatred.
George Zimmerman called Trayvon Martin a F*cking Coon on 911 audio call.  

You heard no evidence that Zimmerman had a hatred for African Americans  because this evidence wasn't presented at trial.
New Evidence-George Zimmerman used N-word in Text Message and E-mail when referring to who to look out for when on patrol in Sanford.

You said:  Zimmerman claimed prior law self defense. He maintained that he was attacked, had no chance to retreat and was justified in defending himself. He never claimed he was "standing his ground". 
Zimmerman Juror says panel Considered Stand Your Ground in Deliberations: He had a right to defend himself.

You said: Many maintain Zimmerman was the aggressor (and therefore not entitled to defend himself) because he followed Martin and got out of his truck. Following someone is not per se(sic) illegal and neither is exiting your truck.
You also said
In the 911 tape I heard played in court, I did not hear the dispatcher tell him not to get out of the car. The dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he was following Martin. Zimmerman said yes. The dispatcher then said we don't need you to do that and Zimmerman said okay.
Zimmerman claims that the dispatcher asked for the street address of where he was and that he got out of the truck to read the street address on the house.(Plausible to anyone who has ever tried to read an address in a subdivision)
So in my opinion it was not proven that Zimmerman followed Martin after being told not to. 

Zimmerman told the dispatcher that he was following Martin, and the dispatcher told him “you don’t need to do that.”

You said: Was Martin racially profiled? It appears that a series of crimes had been committed in Zimmerman's neighborhood by young black males and Zimmerman assumed that Martin could be one of them.

If that's not racial profiling I don't know what IS. 

You asked: But was it truly unreasonable for Zimmerman to call Police to check Martin in that situation?

Calling the police was not unreasonable, and if that's all George Zimmerman had done we wouldn't be having this discussion.  Instead he and his Cal Tech,(which he didn't tell the dispatcher who told him 'we don't need you to  do that'), he had, stalked Trayvon because he was tired of the them F*cking Coons always getting away.

Speaking of Left in Alabama,  let me address a post by PoliticsAlabama (another Righty who has posting privileges and I don't) who asks Did an Alabama State Senator Accuse Most Voters of Racism? The answer is NO, Alabama State Senator Vivian figures said Racism has played a prominent role in the republican rise to dominance in Alabama.
Specifically, Sen. Vivian Davis Figures, D-Mobile, said the election and subsequent re-election of President Barack Obama triggered a backlash by white Alabamians that allowed the state's Republican Party to capture overwhelming control of the Alabama Legislature in 2010 in addition to defeating the last Democrat to hold a statewide office that same year, Lucy Baxley, then president of the Alabama Public Service Commission.

There is an old saying in Alabama...if you throw a rock at a pen full of pigs the one that squeals is the one that's hit.  State Senator Vivian Figures called out racism.

You cannot prove racism to most white Americans  which is why a "conversation about race" is not needed.

What Mack Lyons said:
Until somethings done about the institutional and structural components that allow racism to maintain its existence and until more Americans acknowledge racism without diving into a rather paternalistic and/or defensive response over it, there's not much hope in changing things for the better.
It's the Racism, Stupid!  These two strands -- stupidity and racism -- are inseparable.

What say you?

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