Tuesday, July 9, 2013

If there is anything black people can understand, it's the loss of life without justice

"While the judge limited the ability of the prosecution to bring race into focus and to talk about racial profiling, among other things, race remains at the center of the trial and the criminal justice system—at the heart of life and death. The demands for colorblindness amid the realities of a racist America means that this trial, like those before, are playing out according to the hegemonic script: black criminalization and white innocence.  It is my hope for a new ending where justice and mourning no longer remain a dream deferred. " David J. Leonard

George Zimmerman's defense team is defending the indefensible by profiling Trayvon Martin even in death.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at Zimmerman's team for mounting a vigorous defense of their client,  this is America and everyone has a right to fair trial, my fear is the 100% white 0% African American jury will fall for the Okey Doke,  and say it's okay for an armed adult to stalk an unarmed black teen, get into a altercation because the teen is scared to death (literally)  shoot them, then claim self defense.

Despite the claim coming from the mouth of the the Lord of Loud  in an attempt to rile up his baseblack folks aren't going to riot if the jury acquits George Zimmerman.  To be honest. I'm more worried about some (not to be confused with all) white folks reaction  if George Zimmerman is convicted.

Just in case George Zimmerman walks free....
All we ever asked for was for equal justice for the young man who was killed that drizzling night in Sanford, Florida. If George Zimmerman had rights, so did Trayvon Martin. And that is why Mr. Zimmerman was properly arrested and charged with murder in the second degree. He will soon be judged by a jury of his peers, and that is the best we can do. Whatever decision they make, is a decision that we must live with, whether we like it or not. Whether George Zimmerman is found innocent or guilty by the jury, I am firm believer that all of us live by karmic law, and he will ultimately be punished for the death of Trayvon, no matter what. However, if he walks free out of that courtroom, I understand that some people will be very sad, but we must remember the mission we are on. As I have heard Trayvon's parents say time and time again, they are not only fighting for justice for their son, they are fighting for all of us, especially those parents who have to live through the misery of burying their child and the sadness that comes after.
Honestly Redeye, if I were black I don't think I'd have the courage to have children in this country.~havealittletak

Honestly havealittletalk, it takes courage to be black in this country.

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