Wednesday, July 3, 2013

RedEye's Wednesday Rundown

Bull Conner's Fire Hoses,  Our Tax Dollars at work on us

Boo Hoo!  The Righty's  have their knickers in a wad because The Huntsville Stars minor league baseball team realized free admittance with an NRA membership and a gun give away on the 3rd of July might not be such a good idea.  Ya think?
After reading some of the post-cancellation online comments, I hope some of those folks are more responsible and thoughtful with their Second Amendment rights than they are with their First Amendment ones.
What's that you say?  Open Season on Black Voting Has Officially Started?  I'm Shocked!  Shocked I tell you!  Not.
It is—and always has been—unclear to me how much of this is driven by straight-up anti-black animus and how much is purely partisan, with blacks as collateral damage.
Yep, The Southern Strategy is Alive and Well ,  the ghost of of Bull Conner  is hovering again,  thanks to the cradle of the Confederacy, Sweet Home Shelby County, Alabama.  There is more than whiff of desperation for the GOP to win by any means necessary.
Bottom line? The lawyer who filed Shelby County v. Holder is the son of a Dixiecrat, the party that nominated Strom Thurmond for president at its 1948 convention--held at Birmingham's Boutwell Auditorium. And the lawyer's father was closely aligned with Bull Connor, the public official who ordered fire hoses turned on peaceful black demonstrators in 1963.
Psst!  President Obama, what about us?  Are you going to let the Supreme Court give you, I mean black folks the middle finger because black voters dared get out and vote for you in record numbers in 2008 and 2010? How come you keep letting the losers win?

Read on.  Read Often.

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