Friday, July 26, 2013

"Zimmerman got away with murder" Blame Juror B-29

H/T Field Negro

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, but Didn't, Juror B-29 (Maddy  too scared to give her last name) offers a little something for everyone in an attempt to quiet her guilty conscience because she didn't understand the law (thanks to the judge and the prosecutors), and, because she had no courage of conviction (pun intended)
 She didn't understand the difference between intentional murder and manslaughter.
She didn't understand what constitutes evidence and proof.
She didn't realize that the jury can draw conclusions from the entirety of the evidence.
I said it first, and I'll say it again, there was no way this 100% female 0% African American jury was going to find George Zimmerman guilty.   This trial was over at jury selection.
The “not guilty” Simpson verdict sparked great divisiveness across the country. Some alleged that Simpson was only found not guilty because the predominantly black jury did not want to convict a fellow member of the African-American community.
The George Zimmerman prosecution and defense teams should have considered the potential for such a response in this case, because race was at issue from the outset.
This case should not be about race, but the attorneys’ failure to pick a more diverse group of six people is certain to reignite the issue, especially if the 100 percent all-female/non-African-American jury finds Mr. Zimmerman not guilty.
You won't hear/read/see this in the mainstream media because they are focused on  Anthony Weiner's private life, but submitted a petition to Judge Debra Nelson calling for an investigation into jury tampering.  If the latest revelations by these jurors doesn't make the case for  Civil Rights charges being bought against George Zimmerman, I don't know what will.

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