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Cam Newton will be in the NFL rather than College~addendum

Slaves? H/T Field Negro
As the southerners who love Auburn football celebrate their championship, they may want to take a second to absorb a couple of sobering realities. First, the school got $21 million just for winning that one game. Auburn’s coach, Gene Chizik is due for a multi-million dollar bonus and millions will flow into the pockets of administrators, coaches, commentators, and corporate sponsors, almost none of whom are black.

At the same time, the star players for Auburn, including Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, will simply get to throw up the “A” to their boys, and some will live off this short moment of glory for a lifetime. Like preventing slaves from learning how to read, the NCAA has created laws making it illegal for Cam, his family or the families of any of the other players to get any of those millions that coaches are gladly putting into their pockets. All the while, Auburn will be searching for the next batch of big, black bucks who can win them more championships. Like chickens being grown by KFC, black males are a commodity that Auburn University can’t live without.

Note; Please attack the message and not the messenger. It's not about Boyce Watkins, it's about what Boyce Watkins said.

I would like to share the following email I received from a reader in response to my post about the Auburn Tigers big win, Cecil and Cam Newton, and the so called pay to play controversy. It's spot on, and it ties into Dr. Boyce Watkins theory that NCAA Athletics is Racial Segregation at it's finest.

Hey Redeye,
Thanks for your mention of the Auburn Tigers' big win. As a Auburn
grad, I know I don't have to tell you how proud I was of our "Family"
bringing home that crystal football, the SEC championship, our third
Heisman and our second Lombardi award, thanks to Big Nick Farley..

Like you, I was so happy to learn that Cecil Newton was able to be in
Arizona to celebrate his son's outstanding leadership and athletic
achievements. The whole mess about the "shopping" made me sick.
College athletes make big money for their University, for vendors, for
the BSC, the SEC and the NCAA, but outside of scholarships, these
athletes and their families are never compensated for earning all that
money for "the powers that be." There's something fundamentally wrong
with that IMHO. As far as the school "shopping" is concerned, it goes
on all the time, so why not acknowledge that the rule can never be
completely enforced and come up with a more realistic solution, such as
setting limits on the amounts of compensation an athlete and his family
can earn during a given season? Cam will be in the NFL draft rather
than completing his Senior year at Auburn, and I can't blame him for
making that decision. I would have done the same thing if I had been
in his shoes. He has been and will continue to be one of the greatest
representatives Auburn University has ever had......not to mention he's
so darn cute, he makes President Obama look homely! If his NFL career
ever goes sour, he's a shoo-in for a career in entertainment.

As far as the National Championship is concerned, I did the same thing
"Bo" did at the conclusion of the game...cried with sheer joy and
pride. Attached are some personal photos. As you will see, even my cat
was "showing his colors" for the Big game. He simply couldn't be
outdone by his friend, our neighbor's little dog, who wore a Auburn
scarf for every game during our undefeated season, and Ming actually
enjoyed wearing his little jersey...probably because it was so darn
cold on game day. .War Cam Eagle!

The writer makes an excellent point, why not acknowledge that the rule can never be completely enforced and come up with a more realistic solution, such as
setting limits on the amounts of compensation an athlete and his family
can earn during a given season?
I guess that would be too much like right (pun intended).

Per Dr. Boyce Watkins;
If you are one of the thousands of black families sending your son or daughter to the NCAA to build their multi-billion dollar coffers, they would tell you that paying the athletes or their families is simply impossible. They would convince you that in spite of the fact that the athletes and their families are the most important part of their revenue-generating process, universities simply cannot afford to share their money. Even if you are homeless and your child can’t buy groceries, you must stand to the side as others earn millions from your child’s athletic labor

I'm just saying...

Keep those emails coming...knowledge is power...shared knowledge is powerful.

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